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Hero: Lostsoul2
Personality: Leader
Gender: Female
Level 216
Motto I Am The Greatest
Record 5243 / 18
Name Every Guild
Guild Rank Prophet
Completion Date: May 29, 2010
Pet Type: Godville Administrator
Pet Name: Mikhail
Pet Level: 92
Pantheon Rankings
Gratitude: 1
Might: 1
Templehood: 1
Gladiatorship: 1
Storytelling: 2
Mastery: 1
Taming: 2
Survival: 1
Savings: 2
Creation: 2
Unity: 1
Popularity: 1
Aggressiveness: 1
Bad breath (combat) level 195
Drunken rampage (combat) level 192
Lion belch (combat) level 185
Slap of the whale (combat) level 172
Scissorhands (combat) level 170
Falcon punch (combat) level 143
Inept singing (combat) level 139
Radioportation (transp.) level 130
Quantum leap (transp.) level 125
Forced generosity (trade) level 114
Weapon: Zorg ZF-1 Pod Weapon +230
Shield: Energy Shield +248
Head: Helmet of Nabu +239
Body: Chameleon Armor +236
Arms: Icarus Wrongs +229
Legs: Flex-Foot Cheetah +239
Talisman: Infinity Gauntlet +234

Ignoreme is the most decorated god in all of Godville, winner of multiple awards including God of the Year and Greatest Digger of All Time.

Born into the chaos of the firey pit known only as "the death," the god Ignoreme was left for dead mere minutes after coming into the world. She only survived by consuming the lava and becoming one with the air. Through her pain and misery she made her way to Godville and quickly ascended the ranks. She resides as the most powerful god in the land.

Hero of the day.

Guilds Founded

Ignoreme is the founder of Slaves to Armok, Knights who say Ni, Guild Name, League of Adjudicators, Time Lords, ELITES, Blue Feather, The Rejects, Mormoninjas, Harvest Moon, Watchmen, OG Family, Brick Squad, Holy Random, Godville’s Regiment, Warped Quantum, Celestial Order, Open Bar, Dumbledores Army, Sowing Sun, Lucky God Casino, and Silver Raven Piracy Guild‎.

Approved Ideabox Submissions

  • If my brain were so simple that I could understand it, I would be so simple that I wouldn't
  • Exalted One, I love the way you stage fights to make me look hopelessly outclassed, and then show you've got everything under control by saving me in the nick of time... because you do have everything under control, right
  • Donated ___ coins to you, Almighty, as a life insurance premium.
  • Lost ___ gold coins gambling in the local tavern. At least I kept my pants this time!
  • I heard someone shouting from the trader's hut: '_________'
  • Didn't find anything that suited my sophisticated taste. Left the store blaming the trader's poor sense of fashion.
  • Traded my loot for cash. Walked out feeling on top of the world!
  • Hmm... I didn't know that my _______ would be worth ____ gold coins. A decent price, I'd say.
  • Had a good rest.
  • Look, Exalted One, no hands! The doctor's sewing them back on, though.
  • Dug a hole, upset a mole
  • Oh Great One, protect me on my quest! Bring me victory, fame ...and if you're not too busy, a soft bed.
  • Just spent ___ gold coins on a new coin bag! Now I have to find some coins to carry in it.
  • If that silly trader believes this useless piece of old equipment is worth ___ gold coins, I won't try to convince him otherwise.
  • Now I have a ______. Ho ho ho.
  • Shelled out ___ gold coins to buy a bunch of healing supplies. You can never be over-prepared for a long journey.
  • After carefully considering my options, promotion opportunities, and retirement plans, I decided to head to the tavern.
  • When the trader saw my ________, the look on his face was almost worth the ____ gold coins he gave me for it.
  • Asked the trader if I could spend some time at his shop, but he said he only accepts gold coins.
  • Almighty god, give me some money to spend on donations, and some time to send prayers to you!
  • <Pet> knocked over some candles in the temple. What a clumsy oaf! We hid behind a curtain and watched as a priest doused the flames with some holy water from a basin.
  • I may not be the best worshipper, Almighty, but I'm the only one worshipping you.
  • Oh Almighty, if you made me immortal, this resurrection business would be way more convenient for you.
  • Almighty, hurry up and resurrect me before I enter the afterlife! I'm pretty sure the thousands I've slain aren't waiting to embrace me with open arms and affection.
  • If this is all a dream, don't wake me up.
  • Those people look like they're going to bury me. Great One, hurry up!
  • My life insurance agent wants to know whether my latest death qualifies as “accidental” or “work-related”.
  • Epic quests
  • Boss-Monsters
  • Voice commands: Dig, Examine, Complete quest faster, Pray, Quest, Sacrafice, Smite, Abandon Quest, Heal, Pray, Combine


  • First to complete a personal temple
  • First to obtain the pet medal
  • First to kill 2000 boss-monsters
  • First to win 2000 fights
  • First to be a founder of three guilds having 500+ members
  • First to earn twelve 1st rank achievements (or higher)
  • First to win an arena fight
  • First to retire (save 30 million gold coins)
  • First to lose a spar
  • First to finish an epic quest
  • First to die 300 times and then use various artifacts to decrease deaths to zero
  • First to have a pet die
  • First to create a guild page on the godwiki
  • Earned the Carerrist, 1st rank, two times (reached Cardinal rank in 6 guilds)
  • Second to defeat Godville's Admin in an arena fight
  • Accomplished all of the above without spending more than $50.00 on charges
  • Supreme Grand Champion with Distinction of the Godville Ultimate Tournament of Gladiators (The greatest tournament in Godville. It lasted 99 days and brought together 4,000 of Godville's greatest gladiators. On the 99th day, one hero remained. The prize was 10,000 charges, which Ignoreme has yet to redeem).
  • Invented the honored ranks
  • Convinced the developers to allow this wiki
  • Invented the ideadbox
  • Invented boss-monsers
  • Invented digging
  • Wrote the source code for the Russian Godville
  • Wrote the framework for the Russian Godville Wiki
  • Convinced the developer to give everyone 20 charges for the 2nd anniversary of Godville
  • Obtained 219131 gold coins
  • Obtained 255 invites


  • Two-Time recipient of Godville's God of the Year Award (2011 and 2012)
  • Winner of the Inaugural Hero of the Year Award (2010)
  • Fifteen-Time Winner of the Hero of the Week Award (2010: weeks 1, 2, 7, 39, and 50; 2011: weeks 3, 5, 16, and 42; 2012: weeks 28, 29, 31, 32, 44, and 51)
  • Monster Slayer of the Year (2012)
  • Greatest Digger of All Time
  • Greatest Boss-Monster Partner of All Time
  • Most Magnificently Perfect Temple Design Award from Architectural Journal of Construction and Design

Selected Published Works

  • Ignoreme, Icarus Wings: The Complete Guide to Proper Maintenance and Repair, Godville, Random Haus, 2011.
  • Ignoreme, Monster Resurrection, Conflict of Law, and Shareholder Proxy: An Analysis of the Electoral College Process During Monster Species Selection, 58 Anville Zoological Journal 849 (2010).
  • Ignoreme, Monster Gold Acquisition and Collecting Techniques, 54 Godville Journal of Zoology 273 (2010).
  • Ignoreme, Effects of Increased Radiological Hydrogen Fraction or Application of Negative End-Expiratory Pressure Following an Alveolar Recruitment Process on Respiratory Mechanics, Hemoglobin Exchange, and Anterior Lung Aeration in Solar Bear Healing During Anesthesia and Neuromuscular Blockade, 94 Dogville Journal of Veterinary Research 548 (2012).
  • Ignoreme, Axial Aptitudes of Eccentrically Consigned Synonymously-Legged Single Angles: Comparisons of Various Schematic Processes, 954 First Journal of Research and Technology 484 (2012)

Task Force, Commission, Working Group, and Board Participation

  • Chairman, Federal Task Force to Investigate Boss-Monster Gold Acquisition
  • Member, Milestone Maintenance, Safety, and Health Review Commission
  • Vice-Chairman, Board of Godville Retired Heroes
  • Member, Trade Regulation and Gold Price Stabilization Working Group
  • Director, Second National Godville Bank