Bad breath

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Skills of Godville
Bad breath
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Deadly breath attack, worse in the morning.

Every hero has grown up hearing stories of creatures who can attack with fire, freezing air, corrosive acid, lightning, and other dangerous exhalations. But the worst breath weapon of all is the one that no one really speaks about: the Bad breath.

The best indication that a hero may have an aptitude for this combat skill is that they prefer eating foods with large amounts of garlic, onions, and other sulfurous ingredients. A distinct disregard for oral hygiene is also good, but is not in itself an indication, since almost all heroes have this.

Most heroes discover that they possess this skill quite by accident. A common way is when a hero sighs gustily in despair during a skirmish that they know they are about to lose. Instead of dishing out the killing blow, the hero's opponent falls to the ground, twitching and groaning. The hero then realizes they possess a potent power of putrescence that will give them an advantage in combat.

The main disadvantage to possessing this power is that it is just as dangerous to friends and potential dates as it is for enemies.


Level 1-5

Causes the opponent's eye to tear up, resulting in a marked accuracy decrease.

Level 6-10

Causes 5 poison damage per second each time the user exhales.

Level 11-20

The victim's own body betrays him as his nose is convinced by the stench that he is dead already, and instructs the brain to start shutting down all vital organs.

Level 21+

With the skill now mastered, the user's breath has mutated into a powerful acid, which peels the flesh from an opponent's bones.