Golden ticket

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Artifacts of Godville
Golden ticket
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Even a copy of the feared Golden Ticket can curse heroes
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Teleport to a random Town

The Golden Ticket is a horribly feared activatable artifact which curses any hero who happens to be unlucky enough to obtain it.

The Golden Ticket has strange runes on it, and a picture of an androgynous siren. It is said that anyone who possesses this ticket will be drawn toward the siren's song, and eventually meet the siren face to face.

The curse of the Golden Ticket is that despite the unspeakable torture of the siren's songs or the terrifying prospect of spending extended time with the siren, the ticket itself exudes an aura of value which prevents the hero from dropping the item. This aura is extremely powerful and is easily sensed by rabid fangirls who roam the wastelands of Godville, who would do unspeakable violence and gossip to any who try and withhold the ticket from them.

The are only 3 options for heroes obtaining a Golden Ticket:

1. Have their God cleanse them of the ticket by using 50% of Godpower (Freed from the ticket, the hero will run back to town INSTANTLY, where they will most likely sit in the shower - rocking back and forth over how close they came to hell)

2. Secretly stash the ticket in their bag, and avoid any and all fangirls (at the risk of their life), until they can dump the ticket on a greedy trader willing to give them high value in gold coins for the item

3. Be told by their God to commit suicide and separate their soul from the cursed object

Instructions for use

This item can telport the hero into a random town (requires 50% of godpower)

See also: Emergency exit