Inept singing

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Skills of Godville
Inept singing
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Make their ears bleed!

The Inept Singing is an arena favorite used by most up and coming Heroes. A complete inability to hold a tune works well when combined with this skill. A little inept singing will scare your opponents with your complete lack of tone, pitch or modulation. You will deafen all around with your hero's horrible taste in music, voice like a dying cat, and ghastly rendition of current show tunes.


Level 1-5

Produces a vague dis-orientation and a mild giddiness.

Level 6-10

It starts getting bad about here. Ringing in the ears is the least of it. Melting the ear wax in your opponent's ears is just the start.

Level 11-20

Things have gone from bad to worse. At this level your enemy can expect nose bleeds, hair loss and permanent damage to hearing.

Level 21+

Worse than bunions, worse than boils. Inept Singing at this level leaves scar tissue, welts, blisters, total deafness and a propensity to hum Julie Andrews tunes for all eternity.