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Welcome to Brick Squad Small and Big Timers.

We are a guild out to create our own place in Godville. We are a criminally evil guild so please only evil gods and don't be afraid of mature jokes. Once you have joined you will have to prospect in. After prospecting thru we give you your guild kutt and a party fill of liquors and stippers. After that the rest is a secret.

How Brick Squad started is considered a myth. Started with a hero named Jim Green that became a god. One say there are 1 story with 1000 endings or is it a 1000 stories with 1 ending. That is just one of the mysteries of where Brick Squad's creation came from. Just know it took alot of strippers, drinks and smokes to create such a rebellious guild.

We are more of a mature guild so please keep that in mind when you think of joining us.

Also want to thank Godville Regiment and Sniper404 for help and support.

This page is for editing from Jim Green only any others will be punished