Forced generosity

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Skills of Godville
Forced generosity
Type 💸Trade
Description Unknown

The Forced generosity trading skill is actually a collection of many different tactics. Each hero has their own unique strategies to wring more money out of traders, but only the truly masterful can say they are experts in forcing generosity.

Some examples that have been proven to be very effective include; begging, pleading, asking nicely, puppy-dog eyes, menacing glares, batting eyelashes, displaying pictures of poor children and claiming to be related, displaying signs saying "will work for food", forging certificates of authenticity to pass off modern equipment as valuable antiques, and/or kidnapping and threatening the trader's family.

Note: do not attempt this with an arms trader. Why would you steal from the man with thousands of ways to kill you? You wouldn't or shouldn't. So don't!


Level 1-5

The hero may be paid up to 10 coins more for one item sold.

Level 6-10

The hero has a way of convincing the shopkeeper to offer at least two items for a discounted price or to pay more coins for more items than usual.

Level 11-20

The hero will find the shopkeeper willing to allow his or her pet into the store in order to break items in order to earn a tax write-off on anything in the store. Most items are bought at above retail price.

Level 21+

The hero will be given his or her own set of keys to the shop in order to take whatever items for free and to determine how many coins an item is worth, depending on the contents of the register.