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Artifacts of Godville
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Pray that you shall be resurrected...
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Add an Accumulator charge

The Praystation is a medium size gray rectangular box. When activated, it turns into something of a portable temple. This item is useful for the penitent hero, as he is always looking for a more holy place in which to pray on his quests. When activated, and upon sufficiently devout prayer, your God will be richer by one accumulator charge.

Note: you do need a power source and a place to plug in the A/V cables. Unfortunately many a hero has found it disappears randomly while using it, as well as being infamous for having technical difficulties due to buggy software.

Instructions for use

  • Break the wrapper and undo all cables
  • Stoke up your power source to a full head of steam and attach all cables including the Network coaxial.
  • Fall to your knees and pray that your God is listening
  • Hope that your God is now more powerful, wiser and benevolent such that they will find power to resurrect your mangled corpse in time of need.
  • Yell out in the strongest Japanese accent possible, "praaaaaaaystation"

This artifact grants 1 additional accumulator charge, and requires 50% godpower to activate.