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Artifacts of Godville
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description "What is in your Aura-scope today?" - Advertisement
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Grant an Aura

An Aura-scope is a fantastic device created by scientists for the good of all heroes/heroines. Aura-scopes have been known to bestow upon worthy heroes/heroines auras. Though this item activation does require some god power, most god's/goddesses are willing to do it as their champion may receive an aura which allows them to die less frequently, or listen better.

Aura-scopes have been found far and wide all throughout the land of Godville. Many have somehow been found in the possession of monsters somehow and some have even been found in the dirt!! Scientist have never quite been able to figure out how an aura-scope works, however, because it dissapears once an aura has been delivered. Aura-scopes also refuse to be taken apart and have only been broken by the most ferocious of pets.

In the eyes of heroes and gods alike, aura-scopes are invaluable artifacts.