Falcon punch

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Skills of Godville
Falcon punch
Falcon punch.gif
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown


The Falcon punch is quite a common skill, but not many heroes can master it perfectly. Heroes must be both quick and nimble, and must be deadly accurate. Although the punch itself is light and requires little energy to use, it is both deadly and powerful. The name of the skill is derived from a legendary hero who, in a moment of drunken fury, delivered a punch with the speed to ignite air, and while delivering the punch, twisted his fist in such a way as to give a shape that somewhat resembled a falcon to the fire, thus creating the falcon punch.


In order to apply it perfectly on a monster, heroes must first relax and breathe out. Then, they must think of something light, like a feather or still water. With that, heroes will be able to feel a little light-footed and light-headed. Heroes must then draw their clenched fist back and give a light, but decent arc at the monster with accuracy. Heroes are encouraged to give a battle cry as they strike, although that is purely optional.


Falcon punch is divided into several levels of power, each with a different degree to it.

Level 1-5

Heroes will give a light and slighly feeble punch to the monster. Smaller and inexperienced monsters may take it as a shock but powerful ones just shrug it off as a pinch.

Levels 6-11

The strike will now have some speed and power to it, but it is still insufficient for laying out a stronger opponent. Heroes will have a better accuracy than before.

Levels 12-18

Now, the hero is getting the hang of it! Monsters will glimpse a faint white arc above them before the pain sets in. The speed of the punch is comparable to that of a bullet, and is much more deadly.

Levels 19-24

The hero has almost perfected this skill. At this level, the Falcon Punch can be thrown as easily as an exhale, and can floor even an advanced opponent. It will look like a streak of light, followed by a gust of wind. After that, only the strongest can stay conscious. The hero can almost do the full Skill

Levels 25+

At this point, the hero has learned the proper technique, perfecting the angle of the arc, and the cry of "Falcon-- PUNCH!!!" In addition, some heroes are capable of throwing this punch so fast, creating so much friction against the air, that their fist will ignite the air around it, further enhancing the destructive power of the punch. The speed, power and accuracy of the Falcon Punch skill at this level is enough to punch a hole in the strongest tree, or create a large crater in the ground, or more likely, a monster. A single strike will not only knock out the recipient of the punch, it will cause every organ to fail at once, sending them straight to whatever god they serve with several holes In the hero's chest