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Skills of Godville
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The legendary skill of Scissorhands is truly... legendary. When activated, one's hands become scissors. You can use your new hands to slash and hack your opponents, cut someone's hair or clothes off, and you'll never need to worry about losing scissors again. Just try to avoid running when you use this legendary skill of legends.

The origins of the Scissorhands comes from the legend of the legendary Scissorhands, who was a man that had lived a troubling life, being born with scissors for hands instead of actual hands. Unable to do pretty much anything, he broke down mentally then went and lived in a creepy mansion for a few years. Eventually, a girl eventually met Scissorhands, then they fell in love, and their children could choose between making their hands scissors or regular hands. The children passed the knowledge of how to do so to many adventurers seeking knowledge and great skill.


Levels 1-5

The hero is still learning how to fully control their scissorhands. Their hands tend to randomly switch between fingers and scissors without warning, often leading to accidental injuries, broken artifacts, or sudden nakedness.

Levels 6-10

Now having a firmer grasp on the mechanics of hand-scissor transformations, the hero must next tackle scissor care and maintenance. Nobody wants rusty scissor fingers. The hero begins to discover the benefits of having weaponised hands in combat. Monsters across the globe begin to become wary and avoid the hero. Others however will flock to the hero after hearing rumours of free haircuts.

Levels 11-20

The hero has finally mastered the art of hand scissor transformations and no longer finds themselves covered in beer due to sudden scissor emergence when trying to chat up people in the tavern. The Hero has noticed that the scissors work well in combat, and is beginning to utilise this to defeat monsters. Rumour is spreading of the hero's scissorhands.. The Hero's hairdressing skills are now good enough to start charging for. Sweet.

Levels 20+

The hero is legendary in their scissor skillz. Nothing is safe from their finger blades, and their scissors are the cleanest and most well maintained in the land. Monsters flee at the sight of those deadly metallic digits. The hero at this point has won multiple awards for their innovative hairdressing, and is branching out into decorative topiaries.