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Skills of Godville
Quantum leap
Type 🏇Transport
Description Unknown

The Quantum leap transportation skill gives the ability to jump from one location where you have just resolved some persons life problems... to another location where there is an entirely different person who has a whole new set of problems you are expected to fix.

Destination is completely uncontrollable and commonly brings on the utterance, "Oh boy!"

Warning: Repeated use of this skill may lead to you Hero looking like this on a window pane or wall, if not kept calibrated...



Level 1-5

Produces a lovely feeling of the wind on the hair. Pets trot alongside, grateful for the exercise.

Level 6-10

More like a shove in the back than a happy trot. Still, it does bring our Hero home in time for supper.

Level 11-20

At this level, boots start to catch on fire and tears stream from the eyes. Goggles are recommended, as are roller skates.

Level 21+

Now we are starting to see Relativistic Effects and possibly even Quantum Tunneling. Some Heroes who have not kept this skill calibrated have been known to disappear inside their own ear holes, splatter on walls (see image above) or even enter an eternal loop of having to pay their shout in taverns for all eternity - a true misery. Use this skill at your risk. Be sure to read the warning label on the packet !