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Rocky Raccoon

Rocky raccoon.jpg

Rocky Raccoons will find trees to sleep in at night if they are pushed out of their dens by hero's blades or a bigger Rocky Raccoon. Rocky Raccoons are most commonly found in the mountainous regions, so if you want to go looking for one your best bet would be to go searching around the alpine regions of the world. They love the snow and many adventurers have accidentally stepped on one while trudging through a blizzard.

When it is sunny, they often sunbathe on the rocks and generally don't do much all day long. They also like to dig for treasure, so if you see a lot of potholes in the path, chances are there has been a Rocky Raccoon in the area recently. Rocky Raccoons often live in rocky dens.

Rocky Raccoons look just like normal raccoons but have considerably longer and fluffier tails and their eyes can change color depending on their mood. If their eyes are brown, they are content. If their eyes are green, they are excited, and if they are red, then they are angry.


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