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'Free hug' coupon


The "Free Hug" coupon began with a little boy realizing that Mother's Day had come around and he had forgotten to get that long-suffering mother a present.

Being a creative sort, and having fully bought into his family's mythology that getting lots of hugs keeps mothers from developing wrinkles, the little boy got out his very best paints and crayons and set to work making a whole book of "free hug" coupons as a present.

The mother, being tickled pink and very proud of her child, showed to booklet to everyone she met, including a budding entrepreneur who determined that such coupons would appeal to a majority of the unhugged masses, and proceeded to standardize and print many of them.

All "free hug" coupons share certain characteristics, such as having no designated monetary value,[2] no guarantee of redeemability, and no expiration date. However, characteristics of a particular coupon vary by edition, publisher, and original recipient group.


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