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Rare picture of a lab boss-monster about to be wake up.

A Lab is the place where a hero stores boss-monster parts, designs a new boss-monster, and awakens the assembled boss-monster.


An assembled boss-monster requires one hundred pairs and one each of a fur, set of horns, ear, eye, heart, rib, fillet, paw, hoof, and tail. The lab can only store one of each part at a time. A hero can discard a part from the lab at a cost of 50% godpower.

« Put rib of the Squirmisher in the lab's storage.
--Unknown Hero, Hero's Diary

Parts from an exploded boss-monster are not usable (or capable of being placed) in the lab, e.g. shreds of the boss monster. Explosive boss-monster parts are usable, provided that the boss was killed before it burst.

As with everything in (artificial) life, the better the ingredients, the better the result. In other words, the more abilities the defeated boss-monster possesses, the better the “donor” part. Level 3 parts are only available from boss-monsters that guard dungeon treasure. Treasure bosses have been known to drop more than one part. A boss-monster uncovered by digging, even if it has three abilities, will only yield a level 2 part at best. Also, more parts from the same defeated boss-monster will increase the created boss’ power along with influencing the name of the assembled boss-monster.

Once a hero gathers a full set of parts, the Lab will display the potential assembled boss-monster’s estimated power level and provide the god with the option to awaken that boss-monster.

« It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!
--Unknown Hero, Hero's Diary

Estimated Power

The estimated power of the boss-monster is calculated as follows:

  • The minimum power of a boss-monster is 50%, regardless of whether the calculation is below 50%
  • The maximum power of a boss-monster is 300%, regardless of whether calculation is above 300%
  • Each level 3 (lvl 3) part adds 21% power
  • Each level 2 (lvl 2) part adds 11% power
  • Each level 1 (lvl 1) part adds 1% power
  • Each duplicate part from the most common boss-monster in the lab adds 10% power (e.g. if a lab has two parts from the same boss-monster and eight parts from eight other boss-monsters, there will be an additional 10% power and a lab with three parts from the same boss-monster and seven parts from other boss-monsters will add an additional 20% power)
  • Each duplicate part from a boss-monster (including the most common boss-monster) in the lab will add 1% power

For example, if a lab has four parts from an Ark Enemy, three parts from an Obscentinel, and two parts from a Stalactitan, and one part from a Flawyer, the additional power will be

  • +30% (from the Ark Enemy since it is the most common boss-monster in the lab)
  • +3% (from the duplicate Ark Enemy parts)
  • +2% (from the duplicate Obscentinel parts) and
  • +1% (from the duplicate Stalactitan part)

for a total bonus of +36%, which makes the total power of the monster 246%. For a simpler explanation, see the table below:

Monster & lvl Bonus for lvl Bonus for Most Common Boss Bonus for Duplicate Boss Total
Ark Enemy (lvl 3) 21% 0% 0% 21%
Ark Enemy (lvl 3) 21% 10% 1% 32%
Ark Enemy (lvl 3) 21% 10% 1% 32%
Ark Enemy (lvl 3) 21% 10% 1% 32%
Obscentinel (lvl 3) 21% 0% 0% 21%
Obscentinel (lvl 3) 21% 0% 1% 22%
Obscentinel (lvl 3) 21% 0% 1% 22%
Stalactitan (lvl 3) 21% 0% 0% 21%
Stalactitan (lvl 3) 21% 0% 1% 22%
Flawyer (lvl 3) 21% 0% 0% 21%
Total 210% 30% 6% 246%

The minimum calculation is 10%, calculated as all lvl 1 parts from different bosses (1% x 10). Since the lowest power a boss can be is 50%, this boss would be 50%.

The maximum calculation is 309%, calculated as all lvl 3 parts from the same boss (21% x 10 + 10% x 9 + 1% x 9). Since the highest power a boss can be is 300%, this boss would be 300%.

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