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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Lawyer
Habitat Chasing Ambulances
Description A fake lawyer, failed lawyer, or lawyer made of flan
Boss Type 3-Ability Dungeon

Flawyer is a boss monster. Once a decent member of society, this monster has a natural ability to keep at it until they get what they want, most of the time, even if it means sacrificing family, friends, and sleep in order to make it happen for them. They have a charisma about them that some people love to hate. They have spent countless hours studying and going to school in order to learn how to use your words, actions, and/or relationships against you.



  • Able to win (almost) every debate
  • Makes your hero feel incompetent
  • Finds loopholes to use to their advantage
  • Able to run on coffee, less sleep, and the tears of other’s suffering


  • Lost evidence, or evidence that has been tampered with
  • Inability to admit they made a mistake / they are wrong
  • Being included in rude and crude, yet socially acceptable joke will severely weaken it