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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Boss Monster
Habitat Deep Underground Dungeons
Description Restless Reanimated Feline
Boss Type 2-Ability Dungeon
Part Level Level 2

The dreaded Tombcat is a boss monster that can be discovered when exploring the dungeons of the arid deserts.


Legends say that an ancient and extremely powerful practitioner of the dark arts loved her pet cat so much that when it died, she mummified it and reanimated it so that it could be with her forever. The process however left the Tombcat unable to move naturally, so the enchantress did the next best thing and infused her beloved feline with extra necrotic energy, allowing it to levitate and move about freely, at the same time creating a fur-midable guardian to watch over her while she worked on her unholy experiments into undeath.

Ironically enough, where the Tombcat's master has faded with the sands of time, her undead cat monstrosity remains after all these years as a testament to her magic abilities. Some speculate that the Tombcat haunts the very places its master conducted these experiments, while others believe it is searching for the soul of its master, to be reunited at long last. But no matter which theory is true, anyone who has crossed paths with this paw-erful zombie will quickly learn why it has survived for so long.


The Tombcat is a master of necrotic energies, able to both rot the flesh of its foes and drain the very life from their bodies, all without moving an inch. When it is alerted to the presence of tomb-raiding heroes it will lie quietly in purr-fectly still wait, often indistinguishable from the shadows. When its targets are in close enough range it will levitate out of its hiding spot and attempt to strike the heroes down with waves of necrotic magic, leaving an unsuspecting hero's body a dried out husk drained of all vitality... until their God decides to resurrect them. The bane of many a dungeoneering adventurer, even the most dim-witted hero will come equipped with mummified catnip on their next dungeon run after a horrifying encounter with this feline fiend.



  • Skilled in Dark Magics
  • Silent and Stealthy
  • Ability to levitate grants it surprising mobility
  • Undead fortitude


  • Has no way around obstacles if physically blocked
  • Must be in close range of a hero to use its deadly necrotic waves
  • Distracted by offerings of mummified catnip or mice
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