Virus Ex

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Hero Overview
God: GodVirus Ex 

Level: 89

Motto: ❤️ Lady Lulu ❤️

Guild: Ohtari

Guild Rank: Prophet 
Best Pet: Spot

Level: 42

Personality: Grand

Type: Multi-legged Luggage

Tamed: 06/17/13 05:11pm 


The Journey

Virus Ex has been picked on because of his name ever since he was little. People use to give him mean, yet not atall crative names like Viru### which always makes him cry as he really thinks that octothorpe is a silly word and hearing it three times in a row is just too much.

He grew up without his parents who he lost at the age of two. He curses his clumsyness and his bad memory alot and still tries hard to remember, where he might have put them .. So without parents he didnt even know who to blame for his silly name. Until the day he turned 26 that was. In the night of his 26th birthday he was woken up by a thunderous voice calling him from the skies and explaining to him, that he was chosen by a god to represent his name and act as he pleases. After alot of trouble with his neighbours because of the annoyingly loud voices from above he had to move out and is now wandering the lands homelessly, randomly getting attacked by creatures he never would have even imagined before.

Not too happy with his new life and still sulking about his name he tries his best to stay out of trouble and just live his days as peacefully as he can, striving to become the best barrel roler in the world, much to the dislikes of the god who chose him.

After wandering on his own for so long that he couldn't remember when his journey even started (approximately 2 weeks) he met another wanderer who left a great impression on him. The unimpressively looking guy slaughtered several monsters with just one word! Seeking powers like this to punish all those who made fun of him earl - errrrr to improve the world and bring peace to it - he joined the Knights who say Ni in order to learn the sacred words and become stronger AND KILL THE NOOBS.

The Temple

Like that, he was actually quite happy. He had great companions, a lot of fun and a lot of free time to was - errrr to use for training! But that should soon change .. His god revealed to him, that he was chosen for an insanely sounding task: to build a temple in the honor of his god .. but not just any kind of temple: a temple out of pure gold. Now with that many questions came along naturally .. why him? Why such a huge building like a temple? Why on earth gold? How should he afford that? But of course, his god held answers to all these questions, only few of them made sense, but well ..

This chapter was the longest of our heroes jouneys sofar. He traveled all over the world, searching for the golden bricks he needed for his temple. Whenever he found one, dispite all logics and reasoning, he did not store them away in a safe place as he would have liked, nope, he had to just start the building of the temple right away, leying out pure golden bricks in the wilderness and them leaving them unattended for weeks until he returned with new building material. It was a harsh time for the hero but eventually he really did make it! Very pleased with himself he managed to finish the temple and his god rewarded him with ... well ... a rather weird symbol that would pop up whenever his name was written down somewhere .. thats .. something i guess ..

The Ark

And like that, the hero thought he would finally have some free time again. He started saving up money for worse times, enjoyed the time with his friends, whom he had quite a lot of by now, and was just feeling like he found happiness. But of course .. his god would have another task for him at hand: the construction of an ark, large enough to ofer space for two of each kind of animals and monsters. Having learned that arguing with that stubborn voice from above was pretty pointless, he agreed and got to work eagerly. He managed to finish the ship suprisingly quick and in the end had the 10th ark that was ever build throughout all countries! Well .. the fact that there already had been nine of these things before he finished his made his work seem rather useless but .. he Did finish it!!

The Love of his Life

So once again there was the question: what would the reward be here? Of curse .. another weird symbol popping up behind his name .. But this time it was different. He actually gained something really important throughout the process of exploring deep dangerous dungeons with other heroes in search for wood that was suited to build his ark: He found the love of his life. A women so beautiful, that the sun would hide when she smiled because it was jelous of her beauty. A women so cheerful, that no matter how bad his mood was it only took a minute of talking to her and he could forget all his sorrow. A women so wonderful and lovely, that she made him fall in love with her deeper then he has ever been. He really did manage to find his soulmate and the very day that he managed to summon up all his courage and tell her how he felt about her .. and she said she'd feel the same, has been the happiest day of his life sofar. The rest of the world looses all importance when she is around, she is everything that is left on our little heroes mind and with her by his side, he finally feels at home, at peace and truely happy. So following his heart, he said goodbye to all his friends in the Knights who say Ni guild and joined Ohtari so he could be with her for as long as she could bear his presence.

❤️ I will love you forever Lucy ❤️


Some claim that periodicly, every month at around the same time, he gets really moody, is pissed off at just anything and starts bleeding from the tyniest scratches but he is fighting these rumors the best he can. In fact his personality dose change but not depending on time but on the mood of his god. Therefor one could say that Virus has three personalities:

Good Virus

When his god is filled with love, happiness and satisfaction (to put it short, when he's drunk) Virus is affected aswell and becomes a really kind and warmhearted person. He cares for others more then for himself, he tries to help whom and where ever he can without wanting any thanks.

His hair looks like that of a monk, his stomache grows really big from .. well .. the reason for that is unknown really but theories say that because the god Virus Ex dose not want to become fat from all the beer he consumes he sends this 'gift' down to earth for his chosen one to enjoy. Yet it is unknown how much truth there is behind this ..

When wandering around he heals just anything he finds injured and resurrects whatever he can. Sadly he also revives which ever kind of monster he finds on the way which often gets him ended up dead himself in return. Luckily he is nearly imune to learning in this state so he will continue to dig his own grave for good ..

When it comes to fights he only uses bow and arrow. With the power of his god he shields his own body and increases his movement speed so he can run away faster. He dosnt inflict any real damage like this and if he wins a battle in this state then you can be sure it has been nothing but luck ..

Normal Virus

Apparently quite a nice guy ..

When his god is neither bothered with alcohol nor beeing mad at anything then Virus shows his true self. To the suprise of many he is just an ordenary human, streifing to become stronger, enjoying parties with his friends, working hard for his daily food and a nice place to rest and beeing polite to others.

He has got long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and is usually wearing fancy armor with alot of pockets and bags attatched to him in order to carry all the use..full stuff he cant throw away.

When it comes to fights he uses all his skills in archery and swordfighting combined. This combination makes him a really flexible fighter but the lack of power from his god makes him vulnerable and his attacks less powerful.

Evil Virus

Caution!! Very short temper

When truly evil not only his personality changes but also his appearance is affected. His hair gets shorter, his fangs grow larg, his eyes start to glow and he has the bad habit of randomly stripping in public without really noticing himself.

When like this he focuses on fighting with his sword only. He concentrates all the energy his god lends him into his blade, making it inflict excessive amounts of damage and sometimes even sends his enimies into another dimension.

All his bad habits are increased when like this, resullting in him becoming a passionated drinker and a real food fiend. He gets obsessed with increasing his own strength and looses sight of the people around him until he nolonger cares about anyone really.


Strengths Barrelrolls; Missspelling
Weaknesses Walking straight; Spelling
Likes Beer, Meat, Archery, Swordfighting, Swimming
Dislikes Racism, Smoking, Spelling
Archenemy Typo Demon


Pantheon Best Rank Achieved at
Pantheon of gratitude 467 11/03/2012
Pantheon of might 454 02/10/2014
Pantheon of gladiatorship 702 08/06/2012
Pantheon of Storytellers 5 02/09/12
- -
Pantheon of mastery 599 02/10/2014
Pantheon of construction 1 11/20/2012
Pantheon of taming 366 02/10/2014
Pantheon of survival 163 08/06/2012
Pantheon of savings 48 02/10/2014
Pantheon of greed 8 10/24/2011
Pantheon of creation 50 09/22/11
Pantheon of destruction 744 02/10/14
Pantheon of arkeology 8 01/15/2014
- -
Pantheon of unity 1 09/28/11
Pantheon of popularity 2 06/12/2012
Pantheon of aggressiveness 2 06/12/2012