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Motto: Ohtari !
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: (e*mc^2)/members*monsters.... We have enough, ok? c.u.
Guild Page: Ohtari 

Ohtari is a peaceful guild of like-minded people. We strive to do good in the world of Godville without coming across as self-righteous jerks.

~~How To Join~~

To join the awesome guild of Ohtari, simply repeat the following command to your hero until they listen to you:

    Join "Ohtari" guild

Knowing your hero though, they'll undoubtedly wander off elsewhere and try to destroy their hard earned rank at the guild. If you notice the guild changing quest just command them to:

    Cancel quest

Note that it will probably take quite a few tries until they listen to you, and even then only when they're not in a town or fighting.

Rules? Really? (yes...some)

It is simple. Respect others. Do NOT post things that offends others. Yes, that could be "anything". But the guild is very tolerant so you should be ok. HOWEVER, people are from different parts of the world. PLEASE respect their wishes. IF the majority does not like your behavior, we will let you know. If it continues we will expel you. I've been in the guild for a LONG time (since this edit) and unfortunately we have had to expel 2 people. But the recent one was the worst. Which is why I decided to inform everyone of something I never thought I would have to... Respect others.

Thanks--Sparkoflife (talk) 06:19, 24 June 2015 (UTC)Sparkoflife


Congratulations to:

-Athasian (First Leader)

-SparkOfLife ('Meta Leader')

-Digiriten (from 'scribe' to leader) He was so good we elected him twice!!

Shappirekitten (YAY our FIRST FEMALE Leader!!) ((Queen of everyone's heart ;) ))

Is she now also our second female leader?!?!?!?! Or is she still the first and only? Dunno, we elected her again though!

OK OK .....ok. We obviously like being ruled by a woman OR we REALLY like Shappirekitten. Either way she is still our leader!! She keeps winning elections and we don't seem to mind. Congratulations!! And keep it up!!

Advice by SparkOfLife, the man himself


IF you have NOT completed your TEMPLE THAT should be your priority.

With a temple you will gain godpower & money ALMOST everyday automatically.

ANYTIME you have at LEAST 3000 GOLD PUNISH or ENCOURAGE has a good chance of making a GOLD BRICK!


I posted this advice in the Guild Room. I felt that it could be important to keep it here for future guildmates because it's so difficult to keep & train pets.


1. GET AS MUCH GOLD AS U CAN! As your pet levels up u will need more gold. For example I need about 20,000 gold to heal my pet. So start with 10,000, it should be good for the lower level.

2. DIG YOUR @$$ OFF! Between every fight, on the way to/from town keep telling your hero, "DIG FOR TREASURE AND GOLD!!!" Basic rule is ONE 'whisper' per min.

3. AFTER u get your gold tell your hero: "GO TO THE NEAREST TOWN NOW"

4. When u are done with a quest and/or on your way to town try to keep the heroes' health as LOW as possible. (red-zone) I guess keeping the health low in towns prevents them from drinking the money……kinda.

5. --- ANY artifact that summons boss-monsters…… USE THEM!!!! (boss fights give good money) ANY OTHER ARTIFACT - SELL them. (except godpower) You need the gold AND you don't need to waste godpower using stupid artifacts like, "find a friend".

Remember HEALING your pet is ALWAYS a priority!!!! Which means - GET GOLD & DON'T DIE!! \(^o^)/

The advice of SparkOfLife end here. If you want any more... Well, you can't get any.

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