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Pantheons of Godville
Pantheon of Creation
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Type Short Term
Tracks Good personalities
Requirement Level 7 and good personality
Number of Positions Unlimited
Updates Hourly

There are some heroines and heroes who are loved by their Goddesses and Gods. They are often magically healed, and because the kindness of their Goddess is displayed upon them, they begin to get kinder too. They will plant various flowers along the roadside. This pantheon rewards those who delight in helping others.

The heroine qualifies for this pantheon by having a character of a good alignment. The kinder the heroine, the higher the rank in the pantheon. Thus, a Pure good! heroine would have a higher place than a Gentle heroine. A heroine may have a position in the pantheon of creation even with a neutral personality — this means that their personality is at the kind end of the neutral range.

Affecting personality

Main page: Personality.
Affecting personality
Action or event Effect on Pantheon Rank
Encouragement at any time Higher in Creation
Punishment at any time Lower in Creation
Hammer of realignment Higher in Creation only if already in Pantheon
Miracle None
Godvoice of any kind None
Sending on an adventure None

A Goddess or God can affect their heroine or hero's personality with only three actions: encouragement, punishment, and activating a hammer of realignment artifact. Miracles, god voices, or any other actions or artifacts have no impact on a heroine's personality at all. Encouraging and punishing in any situation affects personality exactly the same amount, including during any adventure or battle.

It will take approximately 30 accumulator charges[1] and all the encouragement or punishment influences associated with each of those in order for your hero to progress from neutral to pure good or pure evil, but the actual number of influences it takes to get them to the “extreme” levels of personality (marked with an “!”) and the highest rankings in the Pantheon are unknown.

The average personality of the members of a guild is called its Alignment for which there is a different but equivalent ranking system. Guild alignment has no impact on a heroine's Pantheon of Creation ranking.

Notes and references

  1. Assuming 50% godpower restored per charge; might take more or less due to various godpower consumption and/or Daily Forecast.
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