Pantheon of Unity

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Pantheons of Godville
Pantheon of Unity
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek interior with statues.jpg
Type Guild
Tracks Guild Unity
Requirement Headcount of 2
Number of Positions Unlimited
Updates Twice daily

All true heroes have an irresistible desire to unite with others in some sort of gangs, packs, groups and other social clubs. Guilds with the strongest cohesion among their members will find their own places in this pantheon. Keep in mind that oversized guilds might be easily dragged down to the bottom of the pantheon by the weight of their ego.

Here, all Guilds with more than one member are ranked according to Unity. Also displayed for each guild is their Alignment, a list of their members and their Gold fund.

This pantheon is updated twice a day at 00:10 MSD (Moscow time) and 12:10 MSD.

Long Term Gratitude • Might • Templehood • Gladiatorship • Storytelling
Short Term Mastery • Construction • Taming • Survival • Savings • Creation • Destruction • Arkeology • Catch • Wordcraft • Duelers
Guild Unity • Popularity • Duelery • Adventure
Former Greed • Aggressiveness