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Pantheons of Godville
Pantheon of Gratitude
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Type Long Term
Tracks Contribution to the game
Requirement 1 Gratitude point
Number of Positions Unlimited
Updates Hourly
Every accepted idea will bring its author closer to the top of the Gratitude pantheon.
Godville Blog, post 2: Keeping you informed

The Pantheon of Gratitude is for all of those who helped to make Godville a better game. Many thanks to everyone already listed here and to the ones who are yet planning to appear.

It was one of the earliest Pantheons introduced to the game, announced in the second ever Developer's blog, in May 2010.[1]

Goddesses and gods are ranked here according to a points system which tracks the contributions they've made to the game. For each contribution they will gain gratitude points, which are gained from bug reporting, correction suggestions, idea suggestions being voted for in the Ideabox and other more special things.

Types of Contributions

Different types of contributions will count for different numbers of gratitude points.

Type Description How to claim Point value
Bug report Reports of an in-game bug or glitch which can then be fixed by the developers. Submit an idea via the Ideabox for the 'bug report' category. It cannot be voted on and will be looked at by an administrator only. 1
Special Feature Suggestion Suggestions of new ideas to feature in the game that are larger than most other ideas. Submit an idea via the Ideabox for the 'awesome idea' or 'other' category. It cannot be voted on and will be looked at by an administrator only. 1
Idea Suggestion Suggestions of new ideas to feature in the game including new game mechanics, diary phrases, etc. Submit an idea via the Ideabox and have it added to the game. 1
Weird Phrase Correction of a typo, a grammatical error or a phrase that just doesn't seem right.
  • Desktop: Highlight the text you wish to correct and press 'ctrl + enter', type in the desired correction as directed and press 'send'.
  • Mobile: Long-press the entry you with to correct, and select 'Report grammar error' from the drop-down menu, if available. Not all types of game text can be corrected through the app.
  • Through Ideabox: Discouraged unless there is no alternative.[2]
IQ Point Conversion Gods with 600 or more Idea Quality points in the Ideabox can convert 250 IQ into Gratitude Points. Scroll to the bottom of the Ideabox page to where your IQ points are displayed. If eligible, you will have the option to convert your points. 10

Use of Gratitude Points

  • In the game's early days, players who are high in the pantheon of gratitude occasionally receive benefits from administrators. It is unknown exactly how often these events would occur. Usually, players near the top of the pantheon received a few Invites to Godville, dependant on position (higher players gained more) but usually one or two.
  • More Gratitude points used to mean an increased Idea Submission Quota in the Ideabox, but as of the introduction of the Enhancement room in November 2011[3], IQ points are now used for this.
  • The gratitude points serve as an easy guide for administrators and players to the most helpful players.


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  2. Godville Admin explain that corrections submitted through Ideabox are rather unlikely to be accepted: Godville Forum topic 2, post 1096392 by Godville. However, players have reported that when the usual correction form cannot be used, submitting a "Bug" or "Other" may be accepted: Godville Blog, post 1601: 1222226
  3. Godville Blog, post 50: Ideabox 2.0
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