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Using images on the wiki :)

Hi there Wattata! Welcome to the Godwiki!

It's great when people take the time to find a good picture for a Godwiki article, so thanks for finding a picture for Strong brow! You probably noticed that pasting the URL for an image search result didn't work. The wiki doesn't allow external images (for important reasons), so using the URL of an external image won't work. :) There's a quick guide to adding images to the wiki at Creators Manual § Images which, having just had a quick look at, I'm going to try to improve when I have a chance. But if in future you're having trouble with making an image work, you're very welcome to simply drop a message at Help: Requests for some assistance.

Now, you're going to notice that the image I placed on the page is not the one you chose, and I'll explain why. The image you chose was on Instagram, which means that we don't have permission to use it. The Godwiki is a part of Godville, which is a commercial product, so the copyright status of images used on the wiki is very important.

Since you're using Google Image Search, when looking for images for the Wiki, you can filter the results to just images that are suitable for use here! Along the top of the page of results, find "Tools", then "Usage rights", and select "Labeled for reuse". You will get dramatically fewer good results, but those results won't open the developers of Godwiki to copyright claims from rights holders, heh.

Once again, welcome to the Godwiki and thank you for taking the time to find a cool image for the page! It's a shame it's one we couldn't use. If you find a more suitable image that comes with permission, please feel free to add it, or use any of the methods above to ask for someone to add it for you! :) -- Djonni (talk) 08:11, 17 November 2019 (UTC)