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Skills of Godville
Strong brow
Barbed wire brow.jpeg
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Strong brow skill allows its user to break any and all tweezers. While this skill may seem obscure, if put to the right use it can become very helpful when fighting an opponent.


A skill which was once only believed to be accessible to those lucky heroes born with powerful features, Strong Brow has recently become achievable to even the wispiest of eyebrows with the introduction of brow gel. Now, to master this skill, a hero must simply make sure they carry a brow brush at all times; In case of emergencies like the loss of a brow brush forks can be used as substitutes.


Level 1-5

A hero's brows are barely visible and badly brushed. The hero is oblivious to the concept of a 'monobrow', and that they have one. While these brows may deter tweezers, they will do little to stop it's attack.

Level 6-10

Having discovered the virtues of brow pencils and brow gel, the hero's eyebrows are officially Visible. Now if only they didn't look like rectangles a child had coloured in. The hero can be safe in the knowledge that some tweezers will break upon contact.

Level 11-20

The hero has finally mastered the art of eyebrows. Their perfectly sculpted brows are officially classed as 'on fleek', and the hero now struggles to walk through Godville without being stopped to ask who they sold their soul to to get such perfect brows. Most tweezers will break upon contact.

Level 21+

The hero's eyebrow game is so powerful they break every pair of tweezers in a mile radius. At this level, this skill also acts as an evasion tactic due to the fact that such perfect brows emit a celestial glow, blinding the hero's enemies.