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I remember this warning being posted in 2011, around the time I first joined Godville. I was crushed by the second sentence, and I think it's notable that I've never since tried to contribute the kind of whimsy I wrote for those pages. I'm sure my more recent, precise, data-filled, and usually small contributions meet with greater approval, but to be honest, I kind of still mourn the suppression of that creativity. So, to anyone reading this, please be careful with how you phrase your criticism in the future. It's easy to do more damage than you mean to. Delta493 (talk) 07:31, 8 November 2019 (UTC)

Hi, Delta493, my name's Djonni. You've probably seen my name around edits and talk pages here a bit, and on the list of volunteer helpers at Help:Requests.
The message above (which I hadn't seen until now, and am genuinely horrified by) does not represent the values we share and promote here on the Godwiki today. It comes from a different era, where there was a very different, very discouraging attitude here, and many of us have been working hard for a couple of years now to change the way things happen, change the way people interact, and try our very best to make people feel welcome and encouraged. We've tried to actively invite people who, like you, were burned here in the past to return and share their creativity and imagination in a positive, encouraging, supportive environment, with help, guidance, and positive feedback for those who ask for it.
I am so sorry you were spoken to that way. It was cruel and unfair, and it's no wonder you were hurt and stopped contributing. I would have too.
The user who left that message went inactive long ago, and that kind of attitude is no longer acceptable here. We, in fact, have explicit guidelines as to how one can interact on Talk pages (you can see them at Template:Talkheader, which is a template you can put at the top of any talk page by placing {{Talkheader}} on the first line). If I saw any user, no matter how senior, write a message like that on a Talk page today, I would remove it and discuss it with the offender. I have removed Talk page messages that were much less harsh than that just recently simply because of the chance someone might feel unfairly criticised by them.
In short, what I want to say here is that you are very welcome back to the Godwiki, and that this is a much friendlier, more positive, reespectful and creatively nurturing place than it has ever been before. We encourage people to be creative, to be bold, to try new things and work together positively. You, nor anyone else, should have been spoken to like that, and for as long as I and the other volunteer editors are around, anybody who gives that kind of cruel criticism will most certainly be told that it's not acceptable.
Welcome back. Settle back in at your own pace. Continue making corrections and contributions as much or as little as you like, and if you want to get creative, we'll be cheering you on just like we do for everybody who contributes!
(P.S.: I almost deleted the offending message with this edit, since in my opinion it has no place on the Godwiki and never did. But this is your talk page, and it's your message, so it's yours to keep or remove. If you don't like it, then get rid of the damn thing! This is your Talk page, and it's yours to do what you like with!) -- Djonni (talk) 08:43, 8 November 2019 (UTC)

If, and only if! 😄

I really appreciate a well used iff 👌 That and a well timed inclusive or are great. 😄

That's really all I wanted to say! -- Djonni (talk)

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