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"?" in Pets table

Hi there Cordarion the Grey!

Thanks for all the fixes to Pets! Reordering the columns was a particularly good idea.

I was wondering if those ?s were an accidental side-effect of your regex, or if they are intentional? It does appear like they have a pattern that may be related to level; if this is the case (i.e., if certain pet features are unavailable below certain taming levels), could you add that information explicitly to the descriptions of the features at the top of the § List of pets? Idealy, with reference! (even if that reference is not in English!)

Alternatively, if you just give me the reference I'll happily make the changes, or if those ? are accidental, that's also fine. -- Djonni (talk) 16:03, 31 October 2020 (UTC)

Hello. Those question marks are intentional. I’m afraid I cannot provide a more authoritative reference than the table itself: I just looked on it and noticed that the first pets with riding, dungeon, and sailing abilities can be tamed at 25th, 60th, and 80th levels, respectively, so I assumed that lower-level pets cannot have those abilities.

Why did I put them, in the first place? In reality, there are 6 pets’ features: healing, combat, looting, riding, dungeon, and sailing, and every pet has at least one of them. For example, I can tell you about my pets: Rocky Raccoon is healing and Hyper Lynx is combat. I’m totally sure that each dungeon and sailing pet has another ability that is not related to duel-mode adventures (i.e., healing/combat/looting/riding) so it is able to level-up if its owner does not spelunk/sail. So, if we know that a Lava Lamb is looting, we cannot exclude the possibility that it might be sailing, too. You can examine the pet table in the Russian Godwiki to check my words.

By the way, I’m surprised that no pet is marked as riding+dungeon or riding+sailing so far. While it’s possible that there are no pets with such combination of features in Godville, perhaps, their owners just did not pay enough attention to them when they are accompanying their masters on the world map?

Cordarion the Grey (talk) 16:47, 31 October 2020 (UTC)

Great, I thought they must be intentional, thank you for clarifying!
Yeah, I'm aware that the way Pets have been understood here on the English Godville is quite wrong; everybody is convinced that any pet can heal or fight, and the only special abilities are riding, dungeoning, sailing and now looting. Everybody is certain that all the other pets do nothing special.
It's summa I've always wanted to change on the wiki, but to be frank I just can't think of any good way to actually collect the information about those low level pets other than create a ton of accounts until I've successfully caught every. Single. One. to see what they do... And honestly I'm just not ever going to bother doing that 😂
Perhaps we can simply change the pets page to have information about healing and fighting pets, create the columns with question marks, and see if they ever get filled in. I just never got around to it because there's so much other stuff to fix on the wiki, heh. -- Djonni (talk) 19:13, 31 October 2020 (UTC)
Yes, I believe, creating columns with question marks and editing the description is the best we can do right now. Young gods will clearly see that every pet has something to show, even if we don’t know for sure what exactly. Would you like me to get engaged in this?
You do not have to employ low-level gods to study low-level pets. I think, many have their first pet in their ark. You may need to ask friends or write a post somewhere on forums to draw their attention. — Cordarion the Grey (talk) 20:36, 31 October 2020 (UTC)
Would you like me to get engaged in this? I'll start a new topic on Talk:Pets and we can get some opinions from other active editors before making such a big change. 😊 -- Djonni (talk) 08:13, 1 November 2020 (UTC)