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Special monsters are usually uncommon and strong species of monsters worth a particularly high value if defeated by a hero. This is generally due to a highly valuable artifact they may be carrying or because of a bounty placed on their heads in the Godville Times. They can be identified by their prefix.

It has been speculated that special monsters may have bounties placed on their lives by other creatures as a they compete for territory, or that some monsters might be phoning in their own bounties as a way of baiting heroes into fighting them. Both of these controversial theories have been consistently denied by the editors of the Godville Times.

Heroes that come into contact with special monsters are advised to use extreme caution as many of them might already know of their value and will fight much harder to save themselves. Strategies that often work in favor of a hero are praying extra hard to their God for protection and remembering to wear their equipment into battle, as opposed to fighting them completely naked.

The aura of trail is extremely helpful in finding special monsters. This aura can manifest after a hero visits a shrine or by using an activatable artifact. Some gods who finish the daily crossword puzzle in the Godville Times have also seen their heroes gifted with this aura.

Special monsters are not to be confused with boss monsters, who are usually much stronger and even more rare.