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Deities of Godville
Dr. Jaguar of Awesome   , Esquire
Champion Snowy Leopard
Personality gentle
Gender Male
Motto Hummus is yummus!
Chaos Legion
Guild position Toothpaste Consistency Regulator
Guild rank Intern
Long Term
Gratitude 488th
Might 8446th
Templehood 30485th
Frenemies Zari Tallson, Doug the Doug
Favorite Town Dogville

The Story

5 years ago, a young man stumbled upon a large beast. The beast's form was flickering, and he was on the brink of death. Though the beast said not a word, the man spouted the word "Jaguar" over and over again. A few minutes passed, and the beast began to understand. When his form flickered into a jaguar's shape, he concentrated with all his might, trying to stop the flickering. Finally it worked, and the beast felt himself grow stronger than he'd been in a long time. Everything felt clear and smooth again. The pain was gone. A small facet of his power was back. Once he recovered he spoke for the first time: "This feels awesome."

He felt himself glowing and he rose into the air, finally alighting on a cloud and looking down. The hero who'd rescued him was fighting a terrible monster. The jaguar wondered why he was doing such a thing, his wounds were growing larger and more severe. Finally, as he was about to collapse on the ground, the jaguar opened his mouth and let forth a beam of healing light. The hero looked up and thanked the sky for the healing. At the next town he visited, he prayed that the beast he'd helped would regain its strength. The jaguar discovered that he was now able to transform himself between a jaguar and a human at will. He had a voice that he could use to speak to the hero. He could encourage or punish the hero.

The jaguar's first action was to ask politely for the hero to build a temple so that he could continue to gain strength. Surprisingly, the hero obliged. He had a drinking problem though. At first, the jaguar tried to punish the habit out of him, but it didn't work. So he simply melted his coins into golden bricks for the temple. To the jaguar, it felt like just seven months before his temple was finished and he felt another huge surge of strength flow through him. He thought that the hero might think it took much longer though.

Upon the completion of the temple, the hero asked when he could retire. The jaguar, who wanted him to live a good life, told him to save coins to retire. In the meantime, he could build an ark. However, the hero was not too pleased about that thought, so the jaguar told him that the completion of the ark would lead to the ability to explore new places, which was something that the hero loved. He always wanted to see what was past the next milestone (he gets a sense of discovery more often than most people because he forgets what he's discovered soon after entering a tavern). The hero perked up and got to work.

To see the hero's take on the events described above, see my chronicles[1].