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Godville Forum

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A convenience template for citing or referencing Godville Forum posts in Godwiki articles.


Simply provide the topic and post numbers for the post being referenced, and the mention will be formatted and linked to that post. If you omit the post number, it will create a link to the topic. Omit both, and a general link to the forums will be created.

The topic and post number can be found by using the "Copy link" option on a post. The link copied will be in the form:
The bolded numbers are the topic number (1) and post number (1199218).


Optional - If specified, the post will be attributed to the named author
|title=Thread title
Optional - If specified, the citation will include the title of the forum thread


Wikicode Renders as
{{Cite forum|1|1199218}} Godville Forum topic 1, post 1199218
{{Cite forum|1|1199218|author=Djonni}} Godville Forum topic 1, post 1199218 by Djonni
{{Cite forum|11}} Godville Forum topic 11
{{Cite forum|11|title=Interesting voices}} Godville Forum topic 11: Interesting voices
{{Cite forum}} Godville Forum
{{Cite forum|1|1199218|title=Gameplay Questions (if FAQ doesn't help)|author=Djonni}} Godville Forum topic 1: Gameplay Questions (if FAQ doesn't help), post 1199218 by Djonni

The template is especially useful in citations (hence the name).

This code
Strange things are being discussed in the world of Godville!<ref>{{Cite forum|1|1|author=Godville}}</ref>

will be presented as

Strange things are being discussed in the world of Godville![1]