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I just had a entry involoving my sun dog :

"Sparky diligently rubs against the enemy, striking him with high voltage discharges of static electricity."

So now we know one of its attacks !

I'll list other entries here :

"Sparky grumbled at the trader. Trader swallowed nervously and gave us a generous discount."

"Paid 87 gold coins to give my little animal a bath before starting a tough campaign. Sparky's coat shines with exuberance and he is happily hiccuping soap bubbles."

"Sparky desperately signals that Dreaded Gazebo is near."

"Sparky suddenly raised his nose and roared loudly. Fragrant Skunk and his fellows dispersed, cawing with fright. "

Sun Dogs are also quite sly - actions of a level 2 sun dog:

"With artful innocence, Pumba offered his toy to the Spaghetti Elemental, giving me the chance to use my “navel clamp” skill."