Bag of scrabble tiles

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Artifacts of Godville
Bag of scrabble tiles
Scrabble™ tiles in a fetching blue bag
Type 🧷Normal
Description For impromptu Scrabble games.

A bag of Scrabble tiles can be a handy thing to have, and has multiple uses:

  1. Making fairly small signs.
  2. Building tiny towers.
  3. Practicing learning your alphabet. (Heroes aren't too bright)
  4. Flinging at monsters like tiny blunt shuriken in desperation because you lost your weapon.

But perhaps most importantly, it can be used to decipher brainwave patterns in the event you are the last surviving bit of a planet-sized computer attempting to calculate the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Oh, and I suppose you could play Scrabble if you have the board.

Contents of the Bag

  • All the letters of the alphabet, the most common ones repeated frequently.
  • Some may be missing however.
  • The point values of each letter.

It is rumoured that there might be a version with Cyrillic characters on it, brought here from a parallel universe, but this is unproven as of press time.