Zombie survival kit

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Camouflage Brown
The Zombie survival kit is also available in "Highly Visible White" for those seeking "expert mode."

The zombie survival kit is a bold artifact carried by monsters. Heroes may acquire this artifact by killing a monster with it in its possession. Merchant purchase prices range from 43 to 657 gold coins.

The zombie survival kit comes with a free handy-dandy canvas bag. A complete kit also contains the following:

  • One pump action shotgun with a sorely deficient number of working shells and a whole bunch of used shells
  • One discarded flashlight with nearly dead batteries and a flickering bulb
  • Three cans of generic peaches long past their sell-by date
  • One dull cleaver knife embedded into a slab of granite
  • One fish boning knife with a broken handle
  • Seven used matches
  • Four wads of already been chewed gum
  • One paperclip
  • One pair of Skidmark brand underwear
  • One piece of tin foil labeled "spacey blanket"

All of these things are necessities if you are to survive a zombie uprising. Any hero coming into possession of an incomplete bag is strongly encouraged to acquire the missing items. Zombie survival kits are highly undervalued item; most heroes cannot truly appreciate their value until the fourteen day of a zombie apocalypse. This item also will greatly reduce the difficulty of the quest to survive the zombie apocalypse. O