Yellow Bear

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The silly yellow bear is a rather obese bear. The yellowness of the bear is directly related to its cheery nature. The bear will appear occasionally to the hurt hero, give him or her a hug and restore about 15 hit points. Its origins are somewhat mysterious, but it is entirely peaceful and not aligned with the monster faction; rather, it is a random event which the hero may write about in their diary.

It is occasionally also spotted with its friends and is known to sing songs when hungry. It is cousins with Gummy Bear. The yellow bear leaves a little bit of yellow dust on everything they touch. They may occasionally appear "too" yellow, making your hero suspicious.

!Hero's Diary
09:58: A silly yellow bear gave me a hug, restoring several pixels of my health.
!Hero's Diary
01:23: Saw a depressed donkey wade into the water with a bubbly yellow bear. I kept walking, afraid the bouncy tiger nearby might decide I look like prey.