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{| class="Equipment"
{| class="Equipment"
! Slot !! Name
|<code>Weapon</code> || Elven Bludgeon
|<code>Weapon</code> || Elven Bludgeon

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Yashiro Eich
Champion of the God: Infarius
Personality: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Motto: Ho..? Mukatte kuru no ka ?
Guild: Valourheart
Guild Rank: Fan
Guild Position: Founder
Wins / Losses: 1:1
Temple Completion Date: 10.8%
Pet Type: Talking Donkey
Pet Name: Pumba "Chunky"
Pet Level: 3
Personal Rival: Goku Genji


Yashiro wasn't always an evil hero. He started off his adventures and had a righteous personality, but it all changed when he joined the guild, The Dark Brotherhood. From there on, Yashiro swore himself to darkness, and has been on the path of evil since.


Slot Name
Weapon Elven Bludgeon
Shield Shield of the Fallen Angel
Head Quasidevil's Horns
Body Armor of Magic and Might
Arms Temporary Tattoo
Legs Cement Shoes
Talisman Piece of Strontium