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Welcome to our xLegendz Godwiki Page! Go back home and make yourself at home!

(This is our Godwiki Page. To see our Forums Thread, find the link at the bottom of the page.)


About xLegendz

xLegendz is young and determined group. We are a small group, created by God 'Jovoid'.

Everyone in xLegendz is a legend, even if we're not. We stand united and strong and we never turn down any challenge! We fight together, eat together and even poop together. Our bond is what makes us fearless and keeps us from falling apart.

xLegendz United, Forever And Always!


xLegendz Hierachy
First Leader Second Leader (Current)
GodJovoid  <Elections Ongoing>


<Under Development>

The Story of xLegendz

The xLegendz guild started when God 'Jovoid' had a dream, 'to go to the best guild in Godville'. So when his hero, Legend Hunt, reached Level 12, he could finally join a guild.

His first few guilds were those big guilds, but Lord 'Jovoid' wanted a smaller guild so he and his hero destined to go on a big adventure to create their own guild, 'xLegendz'. He thought only a few people would join his guild. And so, thats how it all started.

And after waiting for over a year, he finally got his first few members and now, xLegendz has over 70 members!


Happy Voting!

It's time again to vote for our new leader of xLegendz! Only cardinal rank and above can vote. There's only one candidate to choose from (GodZentai Ken ) but we know he will be a great leader! Lets all wish him luck for the voting! Vote at your own time, voting ends in 5 days.

  • Follow our xLegendz Godwiki Page(this page) for more daily news!

Events of xLegendz:

1 January

  • New God Year[1]

5 - 11 January

  • xLegendz Recruitment Week[2]

26 February

  • xLegendz Day

10 - 16 March

  • Forum Week

12 June

  • Founders Day

25 December


xLegendz is recruiting new members! Heroes, Heroines and even Heroes, anyone can join! Go to the Guilds' Headquarters Forum and find 'xLegendz Guild HQ' if you have any question. (Link is below)


We hope you had enjoyed your stay! We promise that we will be updated everytime and also lend a helping hand if you need any help or have any questions.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Legend, Fight with the Legends, BE the Legend!


Useful Links Within The Godwiki

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  2. Godwiki Guidebook
  3. Everything About Guilds
  4. How To Edit A Godwiki Page

External Links

  1. xLegendz
  2. xLegendz Forum Page


  1. New Year
  2. Recruitment is held at the xLegendz Forum Page (Link above)
  3. Christmas

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