World's Apex

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Found directly NorthEast of the Platonic Woodland, the World's Apex is the highest mountain range in the land. The snow coveredland is rivaled only by the Jagged Peaks, though they are exactly 15 meters shorter. This exhilirating landscape is home to Herolympus. Here, hordes of retired Heroes enjoy life peacefully while enjoying the precious view of Godville's landscape. Meanwhile, the mountain does its job by providing water to the River Stinks and the River Amp. These river in turn give water to other Towns.

As one can see, the World's Apex is more than just a heap of rocks, it is an essential part of the ecosystem. The snow melts and travels down the mountain as a pure,life-giving beverage that revitalizes anyone who drinks it. The water is almost as energizing as that of the 'Fountain of Youth though some alchemists claim that this is due to trace amounts of a hallucinogenic chemical in the waters, veteran heroes tend to be so of their rocker anyways that they hardly notice the difference.