Wit sharpener

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Wit sharpener.jpg

The Wit sharpener is a bold artifact.

It is not yet clear how the wit sharpener really works. Actually it is even unclear if it even works. And if it even works, which by all means non of the gods is sure about, it is hardly thought to increase sharpness of edited wits by much. Perhaps marginal. Anyways, the idea behind the wit sharpener was to create a sharp edge of wits, using a hard and funny material, that can easily increase the laughing index in all ideaboxed creations. Critics to the Wit sharpener might suggest that the general output quality of ideas is so low, that trying to sharpen them would be a complete waste of time. However as with all artifacts of the bold type this item can be sold for a fair price tag in local stores with optimistic dealers. After all everybody would like to gain sharp wits, but only a few heroes actually manage to show them.