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*Afraid of the smell of cooked bacon
*Afraid of the smell of cooked bacon
*Not waterproof
*Not waterproof
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Monsters of Godville
Wild Borg
Sus Cyborga
Class Robot, Mammal
Habitat Countrysides, Abandoned Barns
Description Mechanical Rampaging Pig

Wild Borg(Sus Cyborga) is a dangerous robotic hog that is as tall as your typical human, but it could easily throw even the heaviest people from one milestone to the other. It also runs about as fast as a wild boar. Because of this, it is advised for heroes to steer clear of this cybernetic beast whenever it is nearby.

General Information

Several mad scientists wondered, since robots can imitate sentient life, can a robot be designed to behave like a wild animal? This question should have not been answered or passed off as a joke. Why? It was what inspired the scientists to build one of the most aggressive monsters yet. First, the scientists kept building robots that looked like and behaved like animals. However, even though they behaved like animals, they were not wild. It seemed like designing a wild robot was impossible, and it filled the scientists with despair. But that changed when one of the scientists managed to get a human-sized pig and suggested they turn the pig into a cyborg. Why? Because then the robot has the brain of a wild animal, and thus, will think like a wild animal. So they all decided to do one of the most inhumane experiments ever performed, by turning a wild animal into a robot.

However, when the cyborg was completed, the scientists realized that building a robot that was wild was a bad idea. They couldn't control it. It rampaged throughout their lab, destroying everything. The scientists decided to try to kill it and use any remaining organic body parts as their next meal. However, before they could do anything, the scientists were, metaphorically, turned into bacon.

The cyborg pig escaped the laboratory, and began to rampage throughout the entire area. It destroyed anything that was in its path before it calmed down and ran off somewhere. Locals began calling the monster "Wild Borg", and brought attention to those in Godville to send heroes to hunt the mechanical animal that ravaged their homes. However, the authorities in Godville didn't want heroes to search for something that may not exist, so they declined their request until they could prove that the Wild Borg exists.

Fortunately, they did manage to prove the monster exists by managing to capture a photo of the cyborg when, at some point, decided to destroy a farmer's crops. The photo was enough for the city of Godville to declare the Wild Borg as a monster, which attracted heroes to the rural valley where it was spotted. To this day, heroes hunt for the Wild Borg. However, very few make it out in one piece.



  • Cybernetic parts give it super strength
  • Somewhat fast
  • If it charges forward, it has a lot of momentum.
  • Intimidating and extremely aggressive


  • Not smart
  • Afraid of the smell of cooked bacon
  • Not waterproof
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