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Introduction It’s getting really confusing with the war of the gods, to tell which god and/or goddess is which. Whether Egyptian, Greek, or Roman. But this story tells a combination of hero’s who ended all of that. This......... Is the Realm of the Roads. I Jacob, I’m in the year 2013 ad, this is when my life gets complicated. I’m a Greek demigod. I am the only son of one god and another, of course you’ll find out what I am soon. Life’s hard when you die about 6 through 16 times. Trust me because I know how it feels. Forbidden Gods are not only forgotten but my family is abnormal even for a Demigod that’s how messed up it is.

Jacob I As usual I jumped up from my bed, raced and saw my dad was making pancakes in the morning(which i thought was a bit unmanly). I sat down and that’s when my two step-brothers, whom have no common sense at all, and my mom walked out on me when I was a child so my dad has two jobs. I was going to be late for the bus, that’s when I left out the door. I’m Jacob an Eritrean kid, with black shaggy hair, people say I have a big head. The bus was starting to going down the street. I was outside and I started running at full speed after the bus. I grabbed by skateboard and started riding easily overcoming obstacles. I saw the emergency door and jumped and grabbed on and people as usually hate me. No one would let me sit by them obviously so I sat by the new student who didn’t know about my reputation. I said, “Hey my name’s Jacob, how about you.” He said, “ Hey Jacob my name’s Pyrrun.” Pyrrun was a Carmel skinned Egyptian hosting a god, but none of us knew who we were. The bus stopped and I said, “ Well bye mister weird name,see you in class.” Pyrrun said, “Hey!” As usual when I got into school it was noisy as ever, our school was filled with in especially my class. I sat next to this guy named Alex, who was strange. My class was filled with drama, bad girls,girls, inept jokers, smarty pants, swearers, arrogance, and there was me, for some reason I stood out from everyone and was in my own category league. My best friend so far was Pyrrun. As no one else really talked to me. School started with our usual teacher Ms.Rice who taught Vocabulary every morning she said, “Take out your Vocabulary books, students.” So I took it out and then a special announcement form our evil and bigot principle Christine Boyd, and her daughter Teresa Boyd already knew. She was so snotty I could barley handle it. I got up my chair and yelled, “ Teresa Boyd, you are the most jerked up inconsiderate person I know.” And that's what sucks about instincts, they do the first thin g that comes to your mind. Obviously she started crying on impulse. Then I got sent to the office with everyone laughing and thinking twice about being my friend. When I got to the office the truth hit me. I wasn’t in trouble at all. They told me about who I am. The first thing they did was send me off to somewhere a million miles away. They had me call my parents and it sounded to me like they were not really surprised about the news. I had figured that they had been keeping this a secret from me to keep me away from something. Something that is not supposed to be in my nature yet. Not supposed to be revealed to me at So I left school and packed my bags. And yelled, “ I’m heading for Egypt! It was really hard considering that I was in America. I had to just follow North and that’s what they said after that the way would come naturally. I started walking and that’s when Pyrrun touched my shoulder and said, “ I’m coming with you.” I said, “ Really, fine.” We started down and wow you wouldn’t believe how fast we got into trouble. I was a pretty casual guy who would take news calmly. So when someone started pointing a sword at my throat and said, “ Wow.” Pyrrun just stood there like a shaking pine tree. That’s when some girl kicked the guy from behind and they started a sword fight. I said, “Isn’t this modern day.” I was watching the fight noticing every detail. She ran and thrust her sword at his stomach but he parried and counter attacked. He slashed away her sword. She kicked him off and stole his sword leaving him defenseless, and stabbed him. After that he disintegrated into golden ash. The mysterious girl, likely same age as me said, “ My name is Medea, I have been told by my squad which works under the secret organization of F.R.O.G aka. Foundation of Order to Recover Gods.” Pyrrun laughed, “ That’s funny you’re a frog.” Madea stepped on his foot and gave him a stern facial expression, Pyrrun said, “ OK! The princess from the famous Disney movie” Madea said, “These were given special to you by your parents who knew this day would be coming.” She tossed me a smooth blade with a sharp edge. The hilt was golden and had a symbol symbolizing our family symbol, it was a gryphon killing a dragon. The blade had sheathe and encrypted in the blade were the tales of our family which we had a lot of. It was made of scales and a the tip was a star, the Dragon Star Sword. I sheathed it in my buckle with a knife and a bow of arrows which each had a unique method of destruction. I also got a watch which took all of those things including armor, which would but it on instantly whenever I needed. I said, “That’s handy.” Pyrrun got a bag which kinda beat mine by a milestone. It could transform into anything. Madea said, “Come on we reach the Greek Gods in 16 weeks.” Pyrrun said, “So where’s our ride.” Madea laughed and said, “Ride that’s really funny.” I said, “You mean we’re walking all the way to Greece!” Madea said, “Gods don’t live in Greece they live in America.” I said, “He has a bag that can transform into anything,use it to our advantage.” Madea said, “It depends on the situations your in and it won’t just open anytime.” I said, “If we’re going to reach Rome we better start now.” So they started on their journey and when they started walking Pyrrun said, “So you haven’t explained anything to us.” “When times are right, it will be unveiled to you. Madea said, “We have to go and find the gods of Mount Olympus to make peace of war, that’s the mission F.R.O.G gave us.” Then she made a face that didn’t reassure me of this trip. And said, “Get ready for the hardest ten weeks of your life.” Just then a big house appeared out of the ground and I said, “Holy...” I stopped my sentence right there.When you enter a big house and every things rigged, you don’t exactly feel safe. Madea said, “ This is the training hall, I expect you learned something from you school since your principle was Athena.” That struck us like a bolt of Zeus’s lighting bolt. We said, “ You mean the old lady that was always walking around and drowning us with facts was one of the wisest people ever!” Madea said, “First of all, lets test your skills.” She snapped her fingers and it echoed through the hall. A monster appeared, he had the head of a dragon, the body of a bird, and the had a lions body. it was like the combination of a sphinx and gryphon.” Madea scowled, “CHARGE!” My watch brought out my stuff and Pyrrun’s bag and started shaking. Suddenly our stuff had some how stuck to the roof. We where weaponless. “This is your first challenge. In battle you will often lose or damage your weapons so this is to prepare you for those misfortune times. The Grypinx in which I had named it ran towards us. Then as it was about to hit us it used it’s wings and flew to the roof. Then it dived as fast as a paragon falcon and missed my head by a inch. I started to run five o’clock and grabbed one of the statues. I threw it, and as it departed my arms there was an electrical spark. When it hit the Grypinx he got shocked and fell down. I thought the fight was over but as I turned around to talk to Madea it used it’s snake head and bite my arm. I tried walking but I fell. As I was about to get eaten by it, Pyrrun used his bag and a sword came out from it. He ran as fast as a cheetah and stabbed the Grypinx in the back. It had disintegrated into golden dust. “What do I say I am just so good at everything,” Pyrrun said as he expressed his pride. I said, “ How’s that for skillz?!, and said, “That’s right I added a Z.” She looked at us disappointed and said, “Suckish, now that we know what you’ve got the first thing you need is stamina and endurance.” She looked at Jacob and his arm and it had instantly healed. Then we started our training first day was equal to near death. We looked at the obstacle course, the main thing you had to do was moving and dodging,if one of them hit you , I know I would be dead.. Pyrrun said, “This is all yours man.” I jumped in and all of a sudden the floor started moving and I saw two logs about to smash my head, I ducked and 2 spikes shot towards me and when I dodged slightly my pants were ripped and blood flowed down to my leg. I rolled toward the front.And a spiked club nearly hit me and my stomach, and I fell. Everything was moving around me 10 spikes were about to hit me when I fell, rolled. A club came to hit me and I smashed it with my sword. Even though I kept getting hit I couldn’t stop and knives were thrown at me and I dashed and kicked them, I was spewing blood like there was no tomorrow, literally, that’s when it all went black, I woke up coughed and said, “Good ‘nuff ?” Madea said, “We’ll work on it later, Pyrrun was told to go to sleep and rest up for his training tomorrow, your training is not done yet.” I said, “What an introduction, whats next?” She said, “Next is strength.” 10 statues aligned, she said, “Destroy these using your fists.” I charged and I gave it my hardest punch and a crack appeared but nothing more and I yelled in pain.” Madea sighed in disappointment. She said, “Something simpler.” She gave me a shabati, an Egyptian clay figure. Madea said, “You are to spar with this Shabati.” We were encased in a circle. Madea yelled, “Begin!” The Shabati charged and punched me and I practically gutted him if he had guts. He kicked me to the floor knocking me down when I tripped him on his foot and jumped on top of him. He pushed me off and we were rotating waiting for the right time to attack. I saw him tip his shoe for a moment and I dashed and he regained balance and punched my chin and I thought that was it, I was falling my eyes closing but a smooth voice said, “Don’t!” So I put my foot down and raised my fist up as hard as could and piratically shattered him, but I wasn’t the only one that was persistent and I backed away. My instincts arose and I opened my eyes really for the first time and I ran toward him and everything around me was practically slowing down, and the shabati was just standing down there dumbstruck and I just yelled random quotes he tried to counteract my action but I tip him over and destroyed him and I was about my limit. Fainting in two days what a record! I smiled as fell, and whispered serenely, “I’d like to see someone be disappointed in that. I was stone cold gone. When we woke up the next morning Madea had an announcement to tell us. She told me how my mother was Artemis and all about the Egyptians. By that Pyrrun had already knew everything because his parents were always talking about Egypt and how we were kings. Pyrrun said, “My parents always told me about how one day my destiny would be unfolded and which path I would choose, and I choose to follow the path of gods.” Madea said, “No, that is forbidden.” Pyrrun said, “Too bad.” An sphere of elements (such as water. fire, air, and earth) orb made of fire appeared and he shot it towards Madea. I ran toward the blow and I threw my blade at the shot and it exploded, I was lucky I my sword didn’t break. I yelled, “Pyrrun!” And he said, “ I chose the path of Ra.” (A voice in Pyrrun’s head said), “Good choice, run away you won’t learn anything for them.” So then Pyrrun turned into an eagle and ran off somewhere we don’t know looks like I’ll meet with him again. Madea said, “Don’t worry about him it’ll take a while before he comes back and when he does you’ll have to duel him. I said, “What’s up with him, and when will he come back?” Madea said, “He must learn how to overcome Ra and be the savior of Egyptians, when the right time comes he’ll come back.” Madea said, “Now that he’s gone we’ll have to channel into your powers.” I said, “How!?” Madea said, “You’ll have to duel me nonstop until you can channel you powers.” I said, “That's not fair you’re more experienced then me.” That’s when the duel began. she charged at me I brought out my sword, and said, “ Aren’t you going to use a sword?” That’s when she started kicked me in the guts and I fell back. She tried to knock my sword away and I pared the kick and I ran and tried to grab and dis-balance her and finish off her lightly. But she counter attacked broke my ribs. I limped slightly but I think it was about time to count on my instincts so. I ran and tried to bash her with my shield. But she dodge the shot jumped back and shot arrows toward me and that’s when I threw my shield and hit all the arrows I jumped in the air. I brought out my arrows and said, “I might now be related to royalty like Pyrrun but I can tell you this.” I shot, the arrow was pure white and it glowed silently as it broke the barrier of the speed of sound, that’s when it hit Madea’s leg, and he leg began to freeze and it slowly advance, she threw out her boots. I concentrated and imagined some asteroid I could control in my hand and me blasting it toward Madea and it came true. Madea said my powers were still weak and I had yet to learn of my true powers. I slashed my sword towards Madea but dodged it and tried to counter-attack and backed away, when I backed away I shot another arrow under Madea and a hill grew under her that’s when I started running up the hill and Madea had no where to run so I imagined a concealed dimension between Madea and me so when she had nowhere to run she was really concealed and she threw down her shabati and 6 of them appeared and I said, “Isn’t that cheating.” She said, “This is a duel anything goes.” I threw my sword at one of the shabati who charged and it stabbed him in the face, 1 down 5 to go. Two of them decided that it would be good to attack me but I was going with my guts so I bent down and they hit each other, I grabbed my sword and hacked off their heads and as the 2 of them disintegrated, I finished it off with an explosion arrow, there was a lot of smoke so I couldn’t see that’s when Madea almost cut me with a sword, but I tripped her and pointed a sword at her throat and then the victor was decided so and everything went back to normal. Madea said, “Not bad, next time I’ll be serious.” And we both laughed. Madea thought, He has more potential then I thought, if I can still train him he’ll be ready for F.R.O.G, and maybe, to meet the Boss.

Pyrrun II.

Meanwhile Pyrrun was flying through the land of the opposite way from the destination they had agreed on. He was flying somewhere east of Kentucky to find a diviner. He had wanted to know his fate and how long he couldn’t control Ra’s power. He was not really a demigod, since he coauld control wind, fire and all the other elements of earth. What people did not know about Pyrrun is that he is very special. When he was born he was only told that he was a descendant of the Pharaohs. Somehow though he had these powers no Pharaohs had ever completed. He had always thought that the things that he had been told were actually true. Then suddenly a loud voice yelled in anger. “ Why are you thinking of these things when I have told you , that you will know the truth when it is time”?. “I know you told this to me, but I must know the truth, if you are such a god why are you still trapped in my mortal body”?. “Do not question me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the sun god, ruler of gods, and I will lead the world into war.” “Why are you doing all these things? Are they some sort of test to prove mankind and the gods?” “Put that out of your head for now. Right now you have a mission to complete find the diviner so I can find out when I will get out of your puny mortal body.” They continued for hours until they finally got to they destination. It was at a old werhouse in Carolina. So rusty and black. Pyrrun could not understand how such a powerful thing could be in such a unexpected place. Then he had realized that it was the only way to keep the evil avatars away from it. He had entered the werehouse, walked through it and did not find any diviner. He had questioned Ra’s thought and wisdom that it was in this exact location. Then he remembered that he was an elementilist and had the power to control earth. In remembering this he started trying to find the heat source of the diviner.But he was having a hard time locating it so Ra had decided that it was not yet time for him to find the diviner. So he advised him on going back and dueling Jacob . When I reached there I was prepared to duel Jacob. So when I was flying I transformed into a falcon and when I came in Pyrrun was training. So he transformed and used my elementalist powers, he shot and ice orb towards Pyrrun he looked back and a comet arrived at his feet, he was riding a comet and he blasted the comet to shreds so, Jacob was falling and he (Madea is sleeping) grabbed his shield and used it for a landing pad. I used my fire element to conceal us in a sphere. I ran toward him he grabbed his swords and I brought out my sword and started slashing his sword. I encased myself in a giant combat avatar which had the head of a falcon and Jacob was like an an to me. But he ran straight toward me and used my avatar as a figure to jump back, so he brought out and arrow and shot a frost arrow, and shot it at my sword and my hand froze. My whole body was freezing and I couldn’t do anything about it. So when he came running up to me he stood right in front of me and shot a tranquilizer arrow and I nearly fainted had not I been in my combat avatar. So that’s when I channeled through more of Ra’s power and used the hieroglyphics ha-DI and it blew him away and destroyed the ice. When I was about to defeat me with his sword he used a comet to block my hit. He decided to shoot triple arrow at me the first one a smoke screen, the other arrows were bobby trapped so I couldn't’t see anything. I moved and an explosion destroyed my combat avatar. That’s when it all went black. When I woke up I was being stared at by Jacob and Madea and I backed away, I said, “So are we ready for America?” Madea said, “Obviously not, its only been 3 days and you haven't even advanced far.” Jacob said, “How bout if we beat you you’ll let us go.” Madea said, “ Unlikely, but if you insist.” Jacob concealed us in a space. That's when the Madea said, “I’ve mastered my powers and some Egyptian.” I started first and ran towards Madea, used part of my combat avatar's feet to jump higher and Jacob shot an arrow the sound of speed and when it hit Madea, it didn’t hit it just broke, she dodged my hit, and I used my elemental powers to freeze the floor, but Madea was a bit of an elementalist better then me, way better. Her body literally flared up and she blasted me away, I was running yelling like a fool, that my shirt was on fire. I used wind to blow out the fire and fly and me and Jacob ran towards Madea and she but one hand on the ground and the earth rumbled around us, and pillars where rising and we were on them. Madea was barely moving and when we were high enough she made us fall by disintegrating the pillars but I made a the wind carry us. Jacob yelled, “Shes only using elemental moves, lets use every one of their weaknesses.” I had to channel Ra because I could only use a few of elemental powers. Jacob shot an arrow and made a smoke screen and of course she blew it away with wind. We ran knowing each other like in complete unison.I used the wind to jump over Madea. We went by each other and Jacob channeled his power through one arrow and when he shot it, it was a dark, and majestic with white strings behind it while, I channeled Ra’s powers and used my elemental powers to the arrow by then Madea made skulls appear out of the ground. I scowled, “What the heck how much magic do you know!” Madea said, “I forgot to mention that I’m one of the great prodigy's of the world. After the skulls arrived the arrow hit the ground and destroyed the skulls and broke them and when it shot, Madea couldn’t withstand the force but she used her shield and it broke and she made a few hieroglyphics Sa-per and the arrow missed but caused a big explosion that blew all of us away but the fight wasn’t over yet .Our magic p.ower and stamina were barely still left and Madea was barely hurt. Me and Jacob thought that one more final blast would finish it and I channeled all the power Ra would let me before i disintegrated, and Jacob felt his mother and the power of a God was flowing through us. We put our hand up and a black and white orb appeared and we shot them Madea was apparently not startled and to our suprise it missed but that was the point of the shot. We knew it wouldn’t hit. We made it so that when it came into contact with something it encased a circle around Madea and a white light exploded. She was at about her limit too but she still had stamina and so did we. My bag turned into something I needed the most, a sword and i said, “Couldn’t there be something better.” We all charged toward Madea and she brought her sword and we began slashing and both teams began to weaken, and Jacob shot a arrow that was his last and it broke the sonic boom and Madea was thinking and when she was wakened and we cut her symbolizing we were about to win until Madea decided to use her demigod powers, she put one hand on the both of us and we fell down. We didn’t know who’s power it was but we fell pray to it. Madea said, “You’re getting it, but not ready yet.” And that’s when we woke up and skeletons were treating to our wounds. Madea said, “I’m only one of the weakest in F.R.O.G.” we were astounded, and we laughed and said, “You’re a frog.” She looked at us with eyes that said she was still the same age as us and said, “Grow up, guys, I bet that jokes gonna get old sometime.” and we laughed in joy knowing that we would never forget the day we met Madea Lockester. A regular girl. The rest of the day we were starving, we hadn’t had food for days. I was apparently going to go to the market nearby. We were living on a hilltop, so who knew how long that was so I decided to fly, but when I tried to fly I still was at loss of magic power. I thought to myself I’m going to have to walk. Jacob decided that he would come with me. While we were walking down the hill we saw a marketplace right out of nowhere. Jacob said, “Doesn’t it seem suspicious?” I said, “Yes, but I’m hungry.” When we went in the marketplace the first thing Jacob did was hit on girls. And let me tell you something, it was the scariest place in the world when he did it. I yelled, “Jacob, you’re scaring them.” And they really were. So when we got going we were back to home. Madea said, “We have to leave this place, we have already been discovered.” So the place had already been transformed back underground. I said, “So we’re we heading?” Madea said, “We’re going to go and see Willis Tower.” Jacob said, “We’re in Denver.” Madea said, “We’re going to use the Duat.” We said, “Duat?” Madea said, “Just to simplify things, its a portal and also a prison, it can be used for many things.” So that’s when a black space went through and we walked through it, when we got out it we were at the Willis Tower. Jacob said, “How do we do this just go in and say, a ticket to the Realm of the Gods?” Madea said, “First of all, Gods live in separate realms so this is the Greek world, we have to enter from the labyrinth.” I said, “And where’s the Labyrinth,” That’s when a shimmering light glowed below us. A elevator popped down and we entered it. We went underground and were trapped in a maze somewhere. I said, “Madea do you know the way to Olympus.” She said, “No.” I said, “So why did you bring us down here?!” Madea said, “It’s one of the only ways into Olympus.” We said, “Fine let’s get going.” We had a way to track down were we had been Jacob suggested one thing that I would not dare tell. We just marked arrows wherever we has been. I was walking through when I heard a wild animal. It was huffing and puffing. That’s when I couldn’t see very well but a ram I think had just attacked us. Madea yelled, “The Minotaur!.” And the sound echoed through the maze like a bell that rung. Jacob got rammed and he fell unconscious, real world fights weren't easy. That’s when it attacked Jacob twice but I wouldn’t let that happen so I jumped in the way and my bag turned into a shield so I decided to throw it and it hit him directly smashed into his face. So now his attention was on me, and he stood up and took out his double-axe. I said, “Madea aren’t you going to help.” She said, “Take this as a test.” I said, “What a test.” So I supposedly just borrow Jacob’s sword. I charged, he raised his double-axe and tried to cut me, I put my shield over my head and he aimed for the shield. The moment when his axe touched my shield I slid under him and stabbed him. I said, “Seriously, when isn’t there fighting?” Right when the minotaur fell, I took it’s battle-axe as a prize of my victory.When the minotaur was defeated a light opened up and my eye’s were blinded of the beautiful sight of Olympus. I had the Sun shining behind us and endless light flowing as everyone was busy. We entered the realm of Gods, minor and major. We went into the Olympus castle. All the gods were staring at us. and technically we looked weird, first of all Madea was a Roman so her parents technically weren’t there. And Jacob was still unconscious, that’s when Artemis looked at. Madea did a courtesy and said, “Lord Zeus, we have come as representatives of F.R.O.G, and we ask you stop the war.” Zeus yelled, “NO, the war will commence next week.” Jacob decided that when he woke up it would be okay to pull out his sword and attack, but when he looked to his right he felt a warm feeling of hope and that’s when he went unconscious again. Zeus bolted him and once again he fell unconscious. Madea said, “Sorry, for that.” Zeus yelled, “Leave my tower or I shall strike you down.” Apollo had suddenly decided to make a prophecy right now. When the time is fixed All shall mix Gods shall fall Civilization shall fall Family shall fight But three shall make it right Great evil shall rise Together as wise After that Zeus looked at us and said, “It’s still unknown, until we meet again.” He banged his staff against the floor and we disappeared above the labyrinth. Jacob woke up again and said, “Not be fanatical, but have you ever read the Percy Jackson series, shouldn’t we get a deadline.” I said if you weren’t sleeping you would know we have seven days.” Jacob said, “You ever watch the Hercules movie, I wanna be a hero, I wanna be cheered when the crowd sees my face, and they say this is where I belong, cause I can go the distance.” I said, “How cheesy.” Madea said, “So let’s go back to F.R.O.G.” I said, “Great, so open a portal to the Duat.” Madea said , “Well, we have to walk.” Jacob said, “Where to?” And I said, “I can fly.” Madea said, “Our F.R.O.G base is close, actually look ahead.” We looked ahead more closely and squinted then focused and that’s when I saw a big mansion. When I went in there was a baby dragon Jacob sat down and said, “I’ll name you Will.” The house was painted white, it was a 5 story house, awful roomy for one person. It had ancient artifacts beyond what was ancient, the floors were layered with marble. Madea said, “If you want to be as great as Hercules, you have a way to go.” Madea said, “We have to start our journey to stop next week’s war.” I asked, ‘What do we do first, get a wedge, get it its a joke.” Madea and Jacob stared at me as if I was crazy, Jacob said, “I’m sorry Pyrrun, but that wasn’t even funny, just stop.” I was disappointed in myself. Madea said, “Time to get serious.” Jacob said, “When aren’t you serious.” She actually thought about the question. She said, “Anyway, we will first need to go see all the gods?” I said, “In tale’s roman were actually calmer then Greeks.” I said, “So where are the Romans.” Madea said, “Romans constantly change place, we’ll have to wait until they come, which is about right about.......” Madea said, “Not now.” Madea said, “Now that’s funny.” Jacob said, “Am I the only one who doesn’t make bad jokes.” Jacob said, “First of all, we have to get the attention of Gods, we have to be in the War, stopping next week’s war is inevitable, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from Rick Riordan’s books it’s that.....” Just then a somebody just started to arise from the ground. I was guessing it was somebody special because all Madea did was kneel like he was a King. Madea scowled, “Show some respect for Hades.” We knelt down. Hades looked at us, and said , “You most stop the war, I can help but I can only give you advice.” I thought Hades, the God of the Underworld that’s funny, isn’t he supposed to be evil or something. He let out his hand and a flame appeared, he said, “If there is a war, the underworld’s capacity of souls will clog and all will be out of balance, the souls will be so clogged they’ll eventually spread to Elysium and Isles of the Blessed, that’s when they all find their way out of hell and the evilest villains in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Mythology will be released.” The flame started to change and three figures appeared. One of them showed Odysseus. Hades said, “You must revive all famous heroes of Greek Mythology, I can help, you get 3 weeks, you have to save the world in 3 weeks ” Hades snapped his finger and a portal opened in the underworld, do you know the felling of falling in a dark abyss, its terrifying. When we were falling down we grabbed on the ledge of a ground, we looked down and we saw souls going down. All of a sudden I felt queasy and pulled up but Jacob fell. He yelled, “Will!” The dragon flew down and caught mid-air he was like any other dragon. Hades said, “Oh lucky, just because I’m helping you doesn’t mean I won’t try to kill you and get a god’s soul.” He stared at me. I said, “That’s funny, and convincing you should be a actor.” Hades said, “It wasn’t a joke and when you looked at him it seemed it would seem he would never make a joke. I was kind of scared, peeing my pants wasn’t the best thing to do. Hades said, “To find the Hero’s you have to get to Isles of Blessed, and Elysium and that includes jumping through here.” He offered us fruit and I just jumped straight in there, he disappeared in a mist. When we got to the place where souls went, the hall of judgements stood. That’s where we tried to sneak yo Elysium.The court man yelled, “Hey!” We didn’t look back and we were officially bounties of the underworld. We ran through, when we got through the the door, Elysium was a distance. It was a floating island were it you fell down it was over, well for mortal. I powers were completely useless. The only person that could go was Will. But I had a idea that’s when we looked back and saw Cyprus. And we all had the same thought we said, “Let’s do it.”We had to get Cyprus to be calm and ride him.

They tried to sneak up behind Cyprus, pf course that wasn’t as easy as it sounded, when a giant three headed dog tries to bite it, you never see regular dos as scary anymore. I said, “You know the Xbox 720 came out, and I happened to bring it along with me. A orb appeared in his hand and a Xbox came out. Madea said, “This isn’t really the time.” I said, “Just listen to me.” I took my bag and i turned into a outlet. I turned volume way up. Cyprus fell down. When he woke up were on his back, and did you know that he can understand English, apparently , I yelled, “To Elysium!” He started running and jumped he fell, and we weren’t there yet, so we jumped and Cyprus felled into a dark pit. All of us said, “Ouch!” Hades appeared and stared at us, we started feeling hot, really hot, OK, now I was really bowing and falling. His eyes turned pit black and his yell went beyond the underworld . Olympus shook. Pershpone came and convinced Hades to stop when I started to die. To be shook like that you wouldn’t be able to stand forever, unless your a demigod. Hades said, “You better watch out, the next time you do something as bad as throwing Cyprus into a abyss, he’s the security monitor, the next time, you’ll be facing a God.” With a snap he made a path and Cyprus was right there on the path. When he was there he attacked us and fire arose from stone. Hades said, “So lucky.” And disappeared into a golden ash cloud and the breeze blew him away. we were at Elysium when we tried to cut him but it went right through his body, he blew my sword away, Jacob tried to cut him but his blow went through, even Madea who tried to use magic failed. We were beat. I remembered Achilles, “You’re 2000 years to young to be challenging me.” He offered us a hand. madea said, “Achilles, we require you to stop the war of gods.” He said,”You must do a favor for me, you must go into Tartarus, and steal the remains of the parts of Cronos and give them back to me.” Madea said, “Oh my.” Jacob said, “How do we even  get into Tartarus. Will flew down into the pit.” Achilles said, “Easy.” He kicked us all and we fell into the pit. When your falling to the death and you can’t concentrate to use your powers, you’re really in trouble, but when you have a dragon, think again! I fell on Will and he took us the way down. Tartarus was glowing with red eyes. Madea said, “You know if we go in there, you’ll die.” I said, “I’m invincible, you wanna know why.” His bag transformed into a invisibility cap. Jacob said sarcastically , “Good luck.” I went in and found all the baddest things ever possible and that is in Greek Mythology.” I tried to sneak and it’s great that no one saw me but when monsters see magic pieces picking up from the floor they think it’s abnormal. I ran as fast as I could and it was easier then I thought but they apparently saw me and Typhoon looked at me and I felt woozy. That’s when I heard a big explosion and the gates of Tartarus broke. Jacob yelled, “Explosions!” All the villains throughout the years just roamed free in the world, we would have to deal with that after the war. The Gods were mad, you don’t even know. The whole universe shook, no the whole dimension. We flew we ran, we knew a God couldn’t enter another Gods domain, but Hades pulled us down. Of course he rose an army of the undead, when Achilles jumped down and one mighty strike blew the whole army into dust. We knew after the war was over that the Gods would do something so horrible that it would look silly to what Kronos did to Uranus.We flew to Elysium and Achilles said, “I will join your worthy cause, when I am needed I will come.” Madea said, “ OK,”, “Achilles down, a lot to go, next is Jason and the Argonauts.” When you walk in Elysium you feel a little sickly, everyone was so cheerful there, it was the opposite of the Fields of Punishment.I bumped into some people. He said, “Hey watch where you’re going, or my gang will pound you.” We looked at who I bumped and said, “Jason!” The Argonauts said, “And the Argonauts don’t forget.”

Jacob III. We just bumped into all the heroes we needed, literally. Jason said, “Why is Hercules here, isn’t he a god?” Hercules ignored. Jason said, “Don’t worry, we know why you’re here.” Jason said, “And we will not go!” We said, “What!” The ground started shaking we were getting away from the Argonauts.” Pyrrun and Madea fell, but I wasn’t going to let them go so soon. I yelled, “Will!” Will put them down gently and caught me, we caught up to Jason and the Argonauts.” I decided force would be the only option. I shot an arrow toward Jason he moved as if he knew what was coming, but he didn’t. When it hit the floor it grew a wall of weeds. Jason looked at me and his face said, “I have power equal of a god.” Jason attacked me, I started running, I tuned into my watch and it turned into full armor. I clashed swords with him. Jason ran up I was going to cut him when he broke my knee and I fell, he kicked me down. His side was cheering. I looked up I took out my arrow and shot it at Jason arm. It hit!. Jason said, “What’s this, a weak arrow?” And I exclaimed, “Just like Hercules.” Jason fell and the poison was spreading through his body. He decided to defeat me before he fell. I looked at him, concentrated, I prayed to the Gods and Artemis especially. Even though I hadn’t released all my powers. There was one that even I had. Comets started flying from the air and Will picked me up. He dropped me on a comet. Jason was standing there, like crazy. The Argonauts started running towards the comet. Hercules said, “Don’t forget I’m the greatest hero that ever lived!” He ran, I rigged my comet with explosives that Pyrrun’s bag apparently said I needed. I flew towards Hercules, (The weird thing, how do comets get from space to the Underworlds.) I jumped off the comet at the last second and it exploded when Hercules was about to punch it. Jason down, Hercules down! Theses was attacking me straight on and I was still shook up from the explosion, I was looking at him I couldn’t do anything , I didn’t even feel my ankle. Thesis slashed me right through the chest, but right below us was the River Styx, on the other side Tartarus, I fell into the River Styx, Achilles was in my mind, no he was right in front of me, he jumped right on my chest and said, “The Mark of Achilles is within you, you’re special different.” He used my body to turn into mist and disappear, my body felt light and my hair started glowing blond, and my weak spot turned out to be my blond hair, I felt if it was cut I would either die or lose my connection from both all worlds. I plunged into the River Styx, I burned, I yelled, “POSEIDON!” The River Styx seas started to raise and I started to die. The Argonauts looking down on me, It can’t end this way, no, It can’t! I pictured my family, all the people who cared about me, (which wasn’t much) I was at the deepest point of the Styx, I saw all memories, family care, and friends, which again I did not have much of. I fell so deep I thought I was seeing things. I was losing about much air, I reached another zone of the Styx, under the Styx was hope, white water, and I think I saw a God. He had wavy hair and it was like he had never been seen. He kind of twiddled his thumbs but I couldn’t see much so I wouldn’t know so I could breath now in white water with a God looking down on me, He said, “My name is, Hapoz the rightful God and ruler of Olympus. I am the God of the Universe, I have all the power in the things combined.” I said, “Impossible, I’ve never heard of you in Greek Mythology!” He said, “I have been forgotten, for I am truly the first son of Rhea.” He said, “I only appear before the chosen ones, for listen son do not tell anyone of me, you are a God, you Yakob in Roman!” Jacob yelled, “A God!” Hapoz said, “It is true, you don’t think you would’ve gotten that power from your mother, here take this it shall help you, we will meet again, I will tell you more when the time is right, the forgotten god stays forgotten he gave me a box and touched my forhead, I felt a trace of star wars I am you father line, He said, “I wish I could tell you more, so much more about my history, but forget this.” He touched my forhead and I forgot some of the meeting, I still had them but some parts were blurry I forgot he told me I’m something important, but then I remembered some of the meeting, Topaz, the mysterious man, I think he wasn’t special or was he. I’ll deal with this later, I remember the gift, and when I blasted out of the Styx, I tried to open the box but it wouldn’t it just flew into Pyrrun’s bag, I didn’t know how I knew. My glowing aura surprised the Argonauts. Hercules was flowing with golden Ichor, and I think i was but I didn’t know for sure. Seven Argonauts left. Atlanta and Thesis attacked me, bow and arrow. I jumped into Tartarus, and came up with a dragon and friends. I shot through with will and jumped out and shot a especially special arrow that wrapped Atlanta into a sticky thread, it was connected do Madea and Pyrrun’s hand, they used all their power through the thread and when they used the silk to electrocute and shock Atlanta, into a near but not coma state, unconscious. Hercules was just faking falling. Apparently there were 78 or something Argonauts, I decided their leader would fall and we would win, I yelled, “Hercules, why don’t you face me!” Hercules gave me a death glare. I grabbed dirt and threw it up. A shabati appeared, he would be the referee. Hercules attacked first bringing out his sword, I decided arrows. I shot at Hercules point-black he broke it with his forhead, then I used and smoke-bomb arrow, I brought out a sword and decided that it would be better to get a high and shoot from there. So I called of course, “Will1” He swooped down and bough me up, I shot a mine field down there, it exploded a lot. But then lightning struck, and Hercules appeared out of the smoke and he had wings, he said, “Zeus is my mist, and I am armed with wings, the award only given to the great hero.” Pyrrun flew out and said, “This is all mine bro!” He charged a fire orb and shot it to Hercules. Hercules grabbed it and diminished it. Hercules said, “There is only one person equal to me, he is same as me but black wings, and black skin.” Me, Medea, and Pyrrun charged. I shot a comet, Pyrrun shot a 4 elemental orb, and Madea combined all our attacks into one. Hercules opened his hands, a mirror, the shot went in then it started shaking and all of Hercules power was put into it, he shot it back we were goners dead. Pyrrun’s bag started shaking, the box came out, I couldn’t open, Pyrrun decided to open the box and he could then his body started turning black, he was totally different. Pyrrun ran to Hercules and slashed it was as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1/4 of the body turned white. Hercules was falling, he said, “Ok, we will help you, but for your body to reach full white, you need to.............. defeat 3.” All heroes gathered. We jumped on Will but only us 3 and Pyrrun’s body transformed back. We flew on our dragon, Hades appeared before us and said, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.” He offered me fruit but I declined, and he said, “You can;t leave, the Gods will kill you.” I said, “Don’t worry, because Gods, will soon see.” A whole was appeared in the cavern, we went through the hole and were at Olympus! Zeus’s lightning bolt aimed on us and we decided not to move. I could open portals now for some reason. I looked at Artemis, Pyrrun felt extreme white, (We will now call his form Armed with Wings) and fell from Mount Olympus, he understood what I meant and Madea too. I opened a portal and jumped through but I grabbed Artemis and pulled her in, too bad, I couldn’t concentrate. Have you ever been outside of the space-time-continuum, I don’t think so, I did another thing even worse we were falling from and I grabbed Artemis and threw her, even further down, she yelled, “Why are you doing this Jacob?” I said, “How did she know me, I don’t even know who she is, even though I felt close.” I thought Too bad, I don’t know her, enemies are enemies. We hit the ground, ouch! She attacked first she shot an arrow and I dodged but it wrapped a vine around me and I fell. she walked up to me, she said, “Bye.” Memories were regained. I was to close to lose it, I felt we would meet again but I wouldn’t let it go. I ran toward her and my aura was gold, and my hair started going blond, and I grabbed my sword. Slashed and she dodged. She looked at me and said, “Not yet.” I said, “Really.” She fell and kneeled, Golden Ichor fell from her leg. Comets started falling from the eartth, this time it wasn’t me but I could still control them, so I used them to my advantage, I knew nothing would actually hit but I surrounded Artemis. There was no turning back now. I cut a wide on and Ichor flowed from Artemis’ chest. She shot an arrow at my arms, I was poisoned. i now had at time 1 minute. I decided to make my one hit big and I ran and held Artemis’ hand and her whole body blew up, I yelled, “Yes!” But she just escaped, we’ll met again, I was just carried by Pyrrun, he could now control his wings flying. Poison gone, Madea gone. I yelled, “What happened to Madea?” He said, “Gods!” He started crying and I got his drift. My snot covered my whole face. I went into the gods territory again. I went up to Zeus and said, “I am the rightful throne to Olympus, Zeus come down and challenge me, if I win I get throne and all your servants.” Zeus eyes were thunder, “You dare challenge me.” He shot lightning down but I just deflected it, I was really mad. I jumped and my sword was so strong it cut of his lightning bolt, Zeus got the scythe of Cronus and tried to slice me and Ichor flowed down, I’m a god I remember. I ran up and said, “You have forgotten that I’m a immortal god!” A lightning bolt struck me I burnt. I yelled, “Olympia doesn’t need a god who’s after war!”I dodged Zeus’s next thunderbolt, I shot arrows at his kneecap, delay explosion arrows, so he blew up and even more Ichor flowed from his head. He punched me out of the heavens, it hurt so much that with one punch, I couldn’t figure out if I was unconscious or not. Zeus flew to where I was. I jumped and I realized I was in Zeus’s territory, the wind blew me back, but I had the universe on my side, I concentrated, I tried to make comets, but I was too unfocused, so I did the thing that made me stupid.I yelled, “ Black hole!” It was sucking both of us in, nothing could escape, what should I do. At this rate, we are both going to fighting for eternity, I decided hey, I’m a casual guy. I remembered what happened to black hole when they went out, that’s what I needed to defeat Zeus, I let the wind take me to Zeus and grabbed, I urged the black hole to suck us in, it sucked Zeus in and a cosmic explosion was made and Zeus was imprisoned in it. I blew away so far I didn’t know where I was but all I knew is I defeated the King of Olympus, turns out I fell in the ship to Olympus. I yelled, “Noooooooooooo, Poseidon!” The seas raged, and I was in his territory, a storm appeared and earthquake, I fell in a hole and said, “It’s not over yet, I yelled Will and he brought me to the Throne of Olympus it was a hard ride with death was not on my side, I was once again at Olympus, I yelled, “I hold the rightful throne,” I said, “Well, are you on my side?” Poseidon looked at me and stuck his trident out to me and I said, “Guess not!” And I jumped off of Olympus once again and yelled, “I hope the Romans are nicer then you!” Me, Madea, and Pyrrun, riding a dragon, we were living the life. 1 more day for war, I said, “Let’s join the war, go to the battlefield.” Madea yelled, “Absolutely not, it’s like a realm of Gods you’ll be obliterated!” I said, “Have you learned anything about us?” We rode onward and landed at this dirt mark with a bunch or swords and weapons, I felt weird there. I saw a girl walking, and thought to myself What would a girl be doing here. I looked at her, Madea said before i could say anything, “No time for romance, no one wants to repeat the Trojan War. I walked around, Madea said, “This place has a long history of battles, it makes sense that they would use here.” Pyrrun said, “There’s no way we can let a war start here.” I said, “The war is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we can delay it.” My body exploded, not exploded literally but with my insides. Looked like Zeus was free. Zeus was back at Olympus and looks like he learned his lesson because apparently he wanted to join our cause, F.R.O.G. If i thought about it none of us had ever been to the F.R.O.G base except Madea. Madea said, “I think it’s about that time.” Medea blasted us, I puked up blood and I was already exhausted from holding Zeus, Zeus went back to Olympus to kind of make peace. While we were left with Madea fighting us, she started chanting in some ancient language and our bodies started becoming paralyzed, Madea was laughing, Pyrrun said, “Medea, why?” She said, “Do you know what F.R.O.G stands for.” I said, “Of course you told us.” Medea said, “Well, it stands for Fighting Righteous Organization of Gore. Pyrrun said, “But!” And I said, “Pyrrun, we all have a place where we belong.” Well looks like some monsters are on our side. Because Typhoon grabbed Medea bu it turns out that Madea was on Typhoons side. Pyrrun said, “What do we do!,” and “Madea was our leader!” I said, “We can prove back, before we can do anything about the war, we have to take down the supporters.” Pyrrun said, “We don’t even know where the base is!” I said, “Remember this Pyrrun, we are not pushovers.” I decided that was right. We started walking on ground, the war had to wait, we might not say war is first, but I can’t take what happen.” My prime objective was to take down F.R.O.G. And I knew just the friends. Pyrrun said, “We can’t take F.R.O.G all by our self.” I said, “Were not because I know a little people.” I yelled, “Achilles, Argonauts!” Boom all of them were granted permission to come down to Earth to bring them with us.” Odysseus was added with them and I started the path to F.R.O.G.”. They were expecting us because they left a trail. It was just a mile away a castle in a maze, or as I would say Labyrinth. We went in the door closed behind us, Pyrrun joked, “Classic Halloween, ah I’m going to miss super bowl 37.” I looked at him, I usually wasn’t the serious guy. I was greeted directly by the Boss. Do you wanna know who the boss was! Well it wasn’t who you would expect it to be, it was Poseidon. If you actually though of it, “He is jealous of Zeus’s throne of Olympus.” He said, “You guys are a variable which can’t be caught, that’s why you must be eliminated. You know that under this mansion is sea, we were at Atlantas. Poseidon said, “You will be greeted with my guards.” He teleported off in the mist. Typhoon came in front of my face. Pyrrun yelled, “What, you’re working with Tartarus!” Poseidon said, “I am not the only person, there are millions of people like us or groups.” I said, “Pyrrun I got this!” Pyrrun put a hand on my shoulder and said, “You can’t carry the burden alone, what do you think friends are for.” He smiled, all 78 Argonauts attacked and the first thing we did was get out of the building because Typhoon was big, but of course we were surrounded by water, and I said, “You gotta make due with due.” I ran around and Typhoon was focused on me. You can do anything if friends are by your sides, I meant it literally. Typhoon had 100 heads and more so he could focus on everything. I said, “I got an idea!” I grabbed all my shabati which was a lot. And used them of course Typhoon couldn’t focused on them who wasn’t real but I decided everyone jumped and cut their head off. Too bad that wasn’t the real Typhoon. The person who was right in front of us was a big shocker, Madea sitting right to the throne of Poseidon.

Pyrrun IIII. I was paralyzed from emotion, my heart. Sure maybe Jacob could attack her. But I couldn’t all I could see was me and her. I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t just stand there. I already told Jacob that he couldn’t hold the burden so he’d need me. I yelled in my mind WHAT SHOULD I DO! I knew what I had to do. We were still standing there but I went to Madea’s side she knew what I was doing. Jacob yelled, “Pyrrun, what’re you doing!” I said, “I’m going where I always belonged.” Madea said, “Yes, yes, come to the dark side.” Jacob said to himself, “When did this become Star Wars?” Pyrrun said, “I know what I'm doing this is my destiny, I’ll show you what Ra can do!” Right there he stabbed Madea. Jacob said, “We could’ve done something else.” Poseidon said, “Yes know you can be on my side you have fulfilled your destiny.” I said, “Don’t tell me what my destiny is cause I make it, don’t worry Jacob I know what to do.” Jacob was still thinking Star Wars. Jacob said, “I believe you.” I yelled, “BY THE POWER OF RA!” My bag turned into the sword I stabbed Madea with, I looked at her and my blade started shining, and I yelled, “She’s under the power of Hypnos!” I looked down and pulled out my blade and caught her in my hands, I still have wings. I can imitate animals of Ra. I gave her to one of the Argonauts. And told Jacob, “This is all mine, a nice warm-up wouldn’t hurt, isn’t it about time I fought a god.” I took my bag, and started writing on ink, hieroglyphics for arena. An arena appeared by us. I looked at Jacob crowds where cheering as they saw my face and I said, “Just like a hero.” The first thing Of course a God couldn’t go by my rules, he snapped and said, how about this. Right then I just saw two sea legends.Charybdis and Scylla. I yelled, “Poseidon, wanna know why I wing it?” Poseidon said, “Why?” I didn’t expect to awnser but it was already out there. Wings sprouted from my shoulder blades and I said, “Cause I can fly!” Poseidon said, “This is my territory.” Water engulfed and drowned me, I couldn’t breathe. I just flew up as high as I could and then I thought why not end this in one hit. I added all the elements in one blast, but science was on my side, I added Sodium to my blast it was really his territory. I blasted it and Poseidon said, “Futile.” I wouldn’t let him mess this one up. Even though i was out of energy and slowly falling, I had time so whenever the water sprouted I just used myself as a shield. The thing that makes this battle end in one hit, history repeats itself. Gods can take things from modern time such as science. Whether a god, especially Poseidon, his body should’ve been made of mostly water that’s why I manipulated the blast to go deeper into his chest and I think he was made of 100 percent water. Because his whole body exploded and it was over just like that, or at least he had to get a new body because this one exploded. Gods are immortal the chances are we didn’t defeat F.R.O.G that’ll be another day. So I reverted back to life and Jacob was there Poseidon gone. War today and I said, “We gotta a war to go to.” I stood on dusty ground. And Jacob said, “We don’t have to do this, this is the only war this month.” I said, “We can’t avoid the inevitable.” I said, “I have and idea, lets go to Rome.” The Argonauts said, “Easy for us, were dead, we can teleport.” I said, “We can travel through the Duat, it said so in the Kane Chronicles.” I happened I jumped in and when we got out we were at a Pyramid and queasy. Jacob said, “Do you even know where the Egyptians live.” I said, “What would you expect from me.” Jacob said, “Isn’t that the truth.” We shared a laugh. But seriously, my body busted and Ra came out. I said, “So Ra where is the heavens?” Ra said, “You can’t go so easily.” Jacob said, “We only have like 2 hours.” Ra said, “Don’t worry time is different, so 2 hours in this world will be like 40 days in the heavens.” I said, “Ok what do we do.” Ra said, “You can only be admitted into by a God.” I said,”So admit us.” Ra said, “Well look at the time, (Whistle).” He disappeared into a fog. Jacob said, “Really.” Isis appeared out of nowhere and said, “Pynus” I fell down, that was the bomb, my secret name, only a few knew that including Ra and Jacob. I was limited now I was defenseless and I can’t do anything about it. Isis said, “Hey, you can only go to the heavens if you pass 5 tests.” A pyramid appeared and Isis said, “Your friends must wait here.” So I went in and it was dark and Isis said, “Pyrrun, I want to show you something.” My brain filled and I could not think, I was being filled of memory's which I knew where put into the back of my mind, now my families past, I was having memories of death and war. Isis said, “Are you ready to bear the pain of a million years.” I can’t my head was exploding and I was thinking I couldn’t think but I thought, pain what should I do. I can’t bear what people have died over. What do I do, I am not ready I’m just a kid. No, there’s a reason that I came here not to whine. I stood up and said, “If this is all, because I’ve survived a million and 13 years of war.” I passed the first test which was exhausting not physically but mentally. The second test was not how I can say, exactly challenging but hard. Life was hard enough as it is but with my memories coming back to me it was too hard, it was a miracle to me that I had to just stop right there and say stop. I said, “You may have my secret name but you don’t my pride and dignity.” Ready on your mark get set and go, run for the exit and my friends are already there. I said, “Hey how did you guys get in here?” Jacob said, “It’s complicated, but just lets say if we die we are not going into Egyptian heaven.” I said, “Sucks.” We arrived at the throne of Ra and I said, “So how did it feel ditching me.” Madea bowed and said, “Don’t disrespect such a god as that of a mortal, your grace, please forgive us.” Ra said, “Do not worry, I have seen worse.” Jacob said, “Reunion over, Ra we have come in peace.” Ra said, “Yes, an obvious presumption.” I saw the irritation on his face, he said, “We have come to ask if you aid us in the following battle, with us.” Ra said, “Why should I, get nothing in return for this.” I pushed my hand on the floor and transmuted the heavenly cloud into a vision of the future, and said, “With the peace of all god kingdoms, Here, Olympia, Asguard, and Roman Olympia, imagine what we could do.” Ra said, “Give me 2 hours, and I’ll think, but I’ll teleport you back in 2 hours.” Madea said, “Thanks for your time, your grace.” I teleported back and we were in desert. I said, “Wait, he said w hours, in the heavens 2 hours is about 40 days.” I was really irradiated. I said, “What do we do now?” Jacob said, “Well, we have an army of knights, lets go raid Asguard.” Madea said, “Are you nuts.” I said, “No he’s mental.” Jacob said, “ No your both wrong, I have issues.” A storm appeared and it started raining. I said, “Rain.” Jacob said, “We have 40 days let us walk to Asguard.” The crowd cheered. Madea said, “You reliaze Asguard is in a seperate dimension from us that only gods can travel.” Jacob said, “You’re talking to me, the person who practically controls time and space, but not exactly. I thought about it, pictured Asguard. Jacob said, “You see.” I said, “Now lets cut the tree of 9 worlds.” Everyone gasps. I said, “Take a joke.” Thunder struck down and I was guarded with a aura. I said, “Look who’s back.” A divine light appeared and said, “Who dares disturb the peace of Asguard.” With his mighty hammer he struck the ground and we all fell to the ground. We said, “Oh Thor we come in that you assist us in the next war.” Thor said, “Why should he.” Thor said, “Stay here a while, see where it gets you.” Jacob Hopaz said, "Actually this is a guild, and its called the White Wing guild, and we come in assistance of you, do you accept or not."

To Be Continued

For every person that joins, the guild master Jacob Hopaz will update the story and this was originally written by me.