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Monsters of Godville
Class Mammal
Habitat Grasslands
Description Sometimes panther, sometimes human

The original Were-Panther was born of a were-wolf and a lioness, both of whom where quite surprised to find their offspring a were-panther since neither of them were. Upon finding out his young was neither were-wolf or lion, his father the were-wolf accused the lioness of cheating on him. That prompted her to eat him. So he was raised by the Lion pride until kicked out for being a panther instead of a Lion, he searched the land until finding an oasis in a desert beyond the mountains. Once in the oasis, the were-panther was then imprisoned by a sorceress into a life of horrible slave-dom. The Were-Panther II then had children with the sourceress.The children now wander the land on missions for their mother the evil sorceress.

Strengths -

The ability to change from Panther to human and back again.

  • Razor Claws.
  • Driven by their mother's will.
  • Long pointy teeth.
  • The ability to talk to unfortunate heroes using by their names, often saying "Well met Hero, we met again!"


  • Reliant upon their mother.
  • Suffer from 'daddy issues' as they are also not allowed to see their father.
  • Scared of dogs, so having a Sun-Dog with you may be good luck.
  • Suffer from there pointy teeth. If you punch one with an upper cut to the chin.