Websurfing Spider

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Monsters of Godville
Websurfing Spider
Class Arachnid
Habitat Monstro City, Haunted Houses, Barns
Description A Spider with Screentime

Websurfing Spider is a monster that often sits at a computer and spends its days looking things up on a search engine known as Google. Any kind of spider can be a Websurfing Spider. It doesn't matter if it's a black widow, a tarantula, a wandering spider, a jumping spider, or just your typical garden spider. If it has a computer and has somehow grown to the size of an average human, it has become a Websurfing Spider. This insect is an arachnophobe's worst nightmare with the power of technology on its side.


General Information

Most Websurfing Spiders live in Monstro City, where they spend their days surfing the internet or working for some tech business in the city. However, some decided to use their internet knowledge and apply it to defeat heroes. And so, some left Monstro City to do just that. Having been on the GodWiki several times and reading many articles, they have become quite knowledgeable in combat and have memorized every strength and weakness. However, sometimes they forget that knowledge and politely ask the hero to pause so they can look up the information they need. Heroes whose personalities lean towards Pure Good! tend to give the Websurfing Spider the time it needs to surf the internet. However, if the hero is leaning towards Pure Evil!, then the hero will either decline or attack the the unsuspecting spider while it is surfing the web. This has led Websurfing Spiders to be extremely hesitant to fight evil heroes and more willing to fight good ones.

The best way to truly defeat a Websurfing Spider is to fight them in areas with extremely poor reception, meaning avoiding cities that are capable of having an internet, such as Monstro City and Los Adminos. This prevents the Websurfing Spider from being able to look up information and may make it extremely frustrated and reckless. It may even flee from battle if it is in a place with poor reception.



  • Knowledgeable
  • Extremely big spider, making them quite scary
  • Experts with computers
  • Can easily gain information by using a search engine
  • Sharp fangs
  • Can be poisonous


  • Sometimes has to look something up
  • Poor internet reception
  • May have an old, laggy computer