Weapon of less destruction

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Omce upon a time, the Weapon of less destruction was known as the Weapon of more destruction. It was a +99 weapon, and was one of the most strong weapons in the entierty of Godville. When a hero somehow obtained it, everybody was all over him, as plebs wanted to touch it, other heroes were praying for that hero to be smashed by lightning, but to no avail, as the blade was literrally so strong it blocked prayers, and even the merchants were offering 99999 gold for it. After he slept in a inn for free, as everyone else rented one just to be near him. Then he set out to kill some monsters. As expected, the weapon killed every monster with one swing. But somsomething was off a little bit. He was getting no artifacts! But he tought that it was just because they had no loot. Then, he encountered a boss monster. In 2 turns, he killed the boss. Then, just like before, he didn't get anything from the boss's inventory. It was because the weapon was too strong! It was destroying all the loot including the gold. In a fit of rage, his god cursed the blade, and so, It became the 'Weapon of less destruction