Wealthy Bath-Bomber

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Monsters of Godville
Wealthy Bath-Bomber
Class Goblin (Bath-Bomber)
Habitat Public Baths, Harbors, Hot Springs, Luxury Spas, Beaches
Description A goblin with that throws wears a vest covered in bath bombs

Wealthy Bath Bomber is a rare variant of Bath Bomber. Just like normal Bath Bombers, they use bath bombs as weapons. The main difference is the amount of money these bath bombers have.

It uses the most expensive bath bombs as a projectile of choice. However, they don't often engage in combat themselves as they will hire anyone including other heroes to throw bath bombs for them. However, if the hero being targeted is sitting in a body of water, they simply cannot resist charging at the hero in the same exact fashion their as less wealthy counterparts. When they charge in as if they have an explosive vest, the bath bombs dissolve in the water and they are left defenseless. They will retreat to a marketplace to stock up on bath bombs like normal bath bombers, but if the situation is dire enough, they may attempt to bribe the hero into sparing them by paying large sums of gold.

Like other Bath Bombers, Heroes generally have an easy time fighting this monster since it is relatively weak. Fights against this monster can only get difficult if they have hired helpers or if they get very angry. This rage will cause its throwing strength to increase exponentially. This means that the weakest can throw bath bombs with the same speed as a baseball pitcher, and the strongest can throw at the speed of a bullet. What makes Wealthy Bath Bombers even scarier is that they have been known to sometimes throw gold bricks at their targets rather than bath bombs if they get angry enough. This almost always proves to be fatal. However, if they don't want to deal with a hero they find annoying themselves, they may place bounties on a hero so stronger monsters and other heroes will target them.



  • Rage exponentially increases throwing strength and accuracy
  • Rather short, making them hard to hit
  • Runs Quickly
  • Flying Bath Bombs can injure heroes
  • Very Wealthy
  • Thrown Gold Bricks can be fatal to heroes.


  • Contact with water makes bath bombs fizzle
  • Helpless without bath bombs
  • Attacks are rather weak unless angered