Warrior seasoning

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Artifacts of Godville
Warrior seasoning
a spilled jar of warrior seasoning
Type 🧷Normal
Description for the seasoned adventurer

Warrior seasoning is a normal artifact that adds a little flavour to any hero or heroine's life.

General Information

Heroes and monsters alike complain about the lack of taste of each other, probably in the metaphorical sense, yet a spice merchant in Tradeburg wasn't too versed on metaphores. Thus he put together two plus two and decided to blend a seasoning fit to turn any tasteless warrior into the most pleasant of meals. Even though it allegedly makes monsters go down easily, not many heroes decide to throw this powders on dead foes, so the usual course of action is just selling the seasoning to the nearest trader. One may ask why traders buy this tin cans from heroes, and the answer probably has to do with taverns and other shady places.


  • Curry Chulainn: This yellow powder, quite like the mighty hero it references, is a frenzy fighter that will wreak havok wherever it may go. Both riding in a chariot or a fork.
  • Rama-sala: An exotic blend made to stay, even though its recipe has changed more than seven times, its aroma and flavour is still impossible to mistake.
  • Pepperseus: The spiciest blend on sale, made entirely of pepper and onion can bring down the biggest of warriors. Rumour has it you can ask for this spice in some disreputable taverns around Godville.

Cooking Tips

The standard way of cooking with warrior seasoning is just pouring it into a pan along with any meat and vegetables you can gather, but originality is the name of the game; feel free to toy around with the spices, cooking style, ingredients, etc.