Warrior of Attrition

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The Warrior Of Attrition have the ability to rethink a thought that was agreed to be disagreeable when in fact from the previous agreement, it was folly.

Strong Monsters of Godville
Warrior of Attrition
warrior of attriction.png
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat Plateau of Low Gravity
Death Rattle Argue with me!
Description A warrior born in between the right and left hemisphere of a brain.


The Warrior of Attrition is a servant of a mysterious force known as Confusion, [1] the main reason behind every misunderstanding, especially concerning the voice of Gods.


This monster affect the strength and effectiveness of the heroes by launching mental attacks to their foes, having both a physical and mental array of side effects.

Those side effects consist of :

  • False Feeling of Contrition [2]
  • Depression
  • Anger/Rage
  • Ultimate Defeat. [3]

The Warrior of Attrition often team up with inner demons to disrupt the heroes and annoy the gods even further. Due to their strong mental power, the strongest specimens can have telepathic abilities and guess the heroes' quests. [4]. They also know a lot on how to find 13 remedies for triskaidekaphobia.

The Plateau of Low Gravity is the only place where the "Warrior of Attrition" thrives because it gains strength in others weakness. And they like it.


  1. Not to be mistaken for Confucius : a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history.
  2. Contrition is sorrow for one’s sins based on the selfless motive of love for God and sorrow for having offended him.
  3. Usually some form of death.
  4. When defeated they can give some tips on quests