Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife and Preserve

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Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife and Preserve
Motto: Weirdos abound!
Alignment: Wacky
Date Founded: 16th December 2015
Membership Count: 38
Forum Headquarters: Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife and Preserve
Guild Page: Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife and Preserve 
Data current as of 1st February 2016

The Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife Preserve

Weirdos are persons who are often random and could be considered as strange by other people.

These Weirdos are people who do and say as they feel regardless of current trends and ways of normalcy, often not making much sense but definitely fun and entertaining. And as such, because of stellar adaptation and other unique and special skills, Weirdos can get along well with most people who are brave enough to interact with them.

And thus a group of proud Weirdos believed it just to have a place where Weirdos can, first and foremost, be safely contained, be free to commune and be free to share their wonderful Weirdness to the community.

Weirdos are not dangerous deranged creepy lunatics, they simply are different but still amazing mammalian life forms.

This guild's purpose is to let its members' weird and unique minds explore and grow and to have them all have fun and be free with each other.

The Wonderful Logbook of Weird and Miraculous Events