Voting on funny God Voices

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  1. REDIRECT. Voice of God
Occasionally a hero will hear random voices from other gods, or even find a piece of melted armorial or toast with the God/Goddess' written word on it. Heroes (being as dim as they are) usually just go on their way or eat said toast. Being divine, and otherwise intelligent, we can act upon these holy scriptures.
When godly words appear in your hero's diary you can (on mobile devices) hold your finger on the diary entry and the options will appear. Then select "vote" and you can choose whether you think the voice was funny or not. The entries that have someone else's Voice of God will typically appear in grey text.

EXAMPLE: Found a piece of toast with the words "Stop, Hammertime!" burned into it. Ate the toast anyway. Or Heard a voice resonate from a nearby ravine say "Hope you ate your wheaties today" creepy.