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This is the voice of a very angry god.

Voice of god, Vox dei - this is the way a Creator can send orders and advice to his Heroes. Sending a heavenly message to the hero is accomplished by typing it in the appropriate field of the Remote Control and hitting "Send"; sending one message costs 5% Godpower.

The Words of the Almighty sometimes can echo in the hero's heart. Deities can encourage heroes to Pray, to Sacrifice, to speed up the Quests or, return to a nearby Town, to dig for treasure - and many other things which are yet to be discovered. There is a possibility to help the hero by giving some extra experience, helping to slay the monster or making him heal himself.

But, as Godville's gods will tell you, their orders aren't always followed well (and sometimes they are just downright ignored by the arrogant mortal). Correct understanding and execution of the command is further complicated not only by the natural laziness of the pawn, but also by the divine communication link transmission errors.

It should be noted that the hero sometimes simply cannot follow the order. For one example, the idea to stop fighting an evil Monster in order to respond to divine call for prayer seems way too stupid even for the hero's humble mind.

Voices have a special role at the Arena. Gladiators don't fight perfectly all the time, but some nagging from the heavens can really affect the situation, even given the heroes' less-than-acute hearing.

Certain messages from heaven will anger the hero (such as repeated insults and bad language) and may cause their god's to lose Godpower. Certain negative commands may even cause the hero to do things that can result in their Death. A god is advised to be kind to prevent such incidents.

So, a god that is lucky enough can influence a hero's life. On the other hand, a lazy hero may completely disregard anything you tell him. It's up to the silly mortal to decide what he does. You're the one who gave him free will after all.

Commands and Effects

Here are a list of command words which when included in a voice will cause the stated effect:

  • Pray: Hero gets down on his knees and prays.
  • Strike/kick/hit: Causes hero to cause extra damage to opponent.
  • Die: Hero commits suicide.
  • Buy/Shop: Go buy items from local stores.
  • Examine "item name": Hero examines item.
  • Town: Go back to Town.
  • Learn: Acquire extra exp from nowhere.
  • Enroll/Join "guild name" guild: Join or Create a guild.
  • Quest: Orders hero to return to quest.
  • Stop/Cancel quest: causes hero to cancel their current quest.
  • Sending a voice without any actual words (an "Empty Voice" command) will cause random effect, such as kicking potential Monsters out of the way, or causing annoyances for the Hero.