Vegetarian Vulture

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Monsters of Godville
Vegetarian Vulture
Gyps herbivora
Class Bird
Habitat Skies above desert land
Description Large ugly scavenger

The Vegetarian Vulture (Gyps herbivora) is a monster.


Identifying the Vegetarian Vulture from the regular, run of the mill, corpse-hunting vulture is a simple task of identifying colors. While regular vultures have long black feathers, the plumes on the body of a vegetarian vulture are tinted with a heavy, moss-green luster. In flight, these birds of prey are often mistaken as winged cauliflowers, though that is an understandable error to commit.

Those who are unfamiliar with vultures need only stare at the closest reflective surface for a close visual reference.


As the name implies, the vegetarian vulture prefers to consume plants, shrubs, trees and other forms of plant wildlife that are in a state of near death. This is not to be confused with the state of most plants in fall where even naturally healthy plants would have their leaves dry and wither. The vegetarian vulture, through some undocumented capability, is actually able to determine which plants are actually lacking in nutrition such as water or other important elements. They are also known to seek plants suffering from severe cases of rot and dehydration.

For the most part, vegan vultures are not known to attack animals--even those near the state of death. However, the average questing hero, as powerful a warrior as one may be, are also known to be terrible sloths with a habit of slacking off and undergoing what would be best described as a vegetative state of un-productiveness thereby making such beings as viable prey for the vegetarian vulture.


Vegetarian vultures are known to be incredibly aggressive. Many kingdoms and realms have reported attacks on corn fields, desert cacti, tropical bananas, coconuts, daisies, poppy fields and various other botanical organics. Putting up scarecrows won't work either; sources confirm that vegetarian vultures are unable to distinguish real plants from humans wearing silly plant costumes and would gobble them up all the same (and the source happens to be an enterprising market vendor who felt that dressing up as a vegetable would help increase revenue).

Should one ever encounter a wild and aggressive vegan vulture, it is recommended that the intended victim start dancing and engage in any rigorous physical activities that would convince the being that the person is not really a vegetable. It has been recently reported that due to the fact that the average hero smells like grass and moss, avoiding a confrontation with the vulture is considered to be impossible.

Heroes who are fortunate enough to defeat a vegetarian vulture might consider poaching the creature's beaks as they make for excellent and stylish bookends.



  • Strong and powerful beak can rip off large chunks of flesh
  • Powerful stomach acids can kill almost anything
  • Large eyes can see heroes from a distance
  • Strong smell can sense heroes from many milestones away


  • Low intelligence, it has a bird-brain
  • Often suffers fatigue, unhealthy feathers, and headaches from lack of protein
  • A hero may be able to trade his life for an apple or a bag of lima beans
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