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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Deum de malo Vanilla
Class Dessert, Deity, Villain
Habitat Candy Factories, Ice Cream Shops, Caves
Description Vanilla-Flavored Villain
Boss Type Underground
Part Level Level 1–2

Vanillain (Deum de malo Vanilla (Evil God of Vanilla)) is an an underground boss monster whose body is made of vanilla flavored ice cream. It is also known to be immortal and possesses god-like abilities. This is because the Vanillain is a god that killed his own hero, despite looking like some odd ghost made out of dessert.

General Information

One day, a god was watching over his hero as he typically does and noticed that the hero he was watching over was listening to him less often than your typical hero. He thought that the easy fix to this problem was to keep yelling at his hero until it was the only thing his hero could think about. However, this plan didn't work and the hero got punished a lot more often if anything. So, the god decided to offer his hero free vanilla ice cream for every time he listened, which, surprisingly, didn't work. The hero, in fact, hated vanilla ice cream and began to on-purposely ignore his god until the vanilla ice cream offerings would stop. The more the hero ignored his god, the angrier the god became. The cycle of vanilla ice cream offerings, hero refusing said offerings, and the god getting more infuriated continued until one day, when the god snapped.

He decided he had enough of his hero, and descended to the mortal world. There, he used all of the vanilla ice cream he gave his hero to suffocate his own hero to death by force feeding. After the hero died, the god destroyed the body to prevent his hero from coming back from the dead. Then, he promised himself to never resurrect his hero ever (Unbeknownst to him, however, his hero became the Itch King). He quickly slayed the monster that the hero was fighting and continued to wander the world. Soon, news spread of the god's actions. The guild that the hero was a part of ousted the god and soon enough, the god was exiled from the divine community for his crimes. He went into hiding and only brought his remaining ice cream with him.

Years later, spending all of his days underground began to drive the god insane. He had created piles of vanilla ice cream that he would devour. This seemed fine, but eating a vanilla ice cream based diet has its side effects. At some point, he forgot about all of his abilities except for punishing, encouraging, and creating/manipulating objects. But, since he created vanilla ice cream so often, it became the only thing he could think of creating and anything else seemed too difficult to make, in his opinion. As for manipulation, the only things he felt like manipulating were objects that involved vanilla. This eventually became a very strong obsession with vanilla ice cream, and it made him (for no reason whatsoever), to make himself one with vanilla ice cream. So, the god transformed his own body to be made completely out of vanilla ice cream and morphed his body to resemble a spirit or a specter. Then, he grew the leaves of a vanilla plant, and created a cape for himself to wear. After that, he grew a vanilla bean to the size of a tree branch so he could use it as a staff. Finally, he put an enlarged cherry on the top of his head as a finishing touch.

After modifying his appearance to look like some bizarre elemental (Even though he's not, he's a god), he decided he was done hiding and now wanted to do something with his life. Over time, his anger for his former hero became a hatred for all heroes. And thus, he concluded that all gods must be freed from the burden of watching over heroes, thus he will eradicate all of hero kind. He joined the ranks of the monsters and became the well known boss monster called the Vanillain, which he began to call himself after heroes, not knowing of the god's divine identity, came up with the name for him after they barely escaped him. If your hero defeats the Vanillain, as a warning, know that you didn't actually kill him, and you actually destroyed a puppet of him that he created out of vanilla ice cream, since he has the power to create it out of thin air and control it.



  • A god - Therefore cannot be hurt or killed
  • Can create and manipulate vanilla ice cream
  • Can create puppets out of ice cream
  • Can control vanilla plants and beans that are nearby him or one of his puppets
  • Can manipulate vanilla extract or syrup
  • Can still Punish
  • Can heal his puppets with Encouragement
  • Has a vanilla-flavored aroma, which is perfect for luring unsuspecting heroes.
  • Despite being made of ice cream, always stays cold and never melts


  • Hungry heroes
  • Too lazy to do the fighting himself and relies on his puppets
  • Heroes being assisted by their god/goddess
  • Atheists
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