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I'd like more of a reason as to why you reverted my edits? If there's a reason lists of skills are unwanted then I would like to be pointed in that direction. Certainly lists of things like artifacts, etc. already exist. And I personally find lists in-articles easier than going to categories and trying to find what you want there (and in a wiki both methods can be employed, obviously). In any case, reverting edits completely without taking note of all the content they contain (in my case, I had some editorial/grammatical changes as well) is detrimental to the wiki's quality and next time you try to police the wiki maybe you should take that into account. --Con 15:04, 5 June 2011 (UTC)

Ahh okay I see then, I didn't know that was the case. Wasn't aware admins didn't want it. I guess in a game such as this, which is based on databases of lists (probably) it's natural for others to want to compile lists as well. I reckon I will just make lists and stuff them in the "backstage" category to satisfy myself in that case then (that artifact list needs updating... heh). Thanks. :) --Con 01:16, 6 June 2011 (UTC)

None of the pages I edited/added were marked 'do not tamper'. Are my additions unwanted? I was only trying to expand the Wiki's ability. --Merc 14:04, 26 July 2011 (EST) EDIT- Sorry I see the templates and categories pages are marked 'do not tamper'. I did not see those before. Well mark my edits as suggestions I guess..? Again my appologies for the pages.